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China Guardian 2016 autumn auction will be opened China Guardian 2016 autumn auction will be at the Beijing International Hotel and Conference Center held a grand, long in November 9 to 11 November 12, the auction time to 16 days. The song and Yuan Dynasties relics and stone rubbings Chen, Millennium Dan and paint light to Hui, porcelain, furniture, paper play Yuzhen ancient books, the handwriting of celebrities…… An ancient Chinese and Western aspect, gathering around the corner, a friend invited static. [starry night stars] this autumn auction Jiade orchestrated the blockbuster launched 14 night games, covering Chinese painting, twentieth Century and contemporary art, porcelain, jade, stone carving statues, furniture, and other categories. Has been widely recognized in the market and collectors "Grand View" of ancient painting and modern painting field, China painting plates also created a "grand natural interest from Yangzhou" concert "and the Ming Dynasty calligraphy", "stone inscription project contract". Good reputation in twentieth Century and contemporary art sector continued before the two season night games, the third launch of "China twentieth Century and Contemporary Art Evening" and "85 new" special art ", and" the heart of God – Trace ad hoc manuscripts "concert this season. The ceramic plate will also launch "of Ming and Qing Dynasties palace art study and relish the beauties of literature treasure" and three special Buddhist art. "Good evening stars emerge in an endless stream, forming a pattern. In addition, the Chinese Guardian 2016 autumn auction, 24 special open real-time bidding, spatio-temporal breakthrough bottleneck, to provide quality services for more collectors. This season will be painting plates are more than 1300 pieces of fine appearance, the continuation of the history of art in the history of academic review in depth consistent style. In the increasingly scarce resources of ancient calligraphy and painting of the moment, the ancient painting sector still highlights are frequent, the brand "grand – China night of ancient calligraphy and painting" meticulously set Zhen dozens of pieces of song and Yuan Dynasties. The famous masterpiece. One of Zeng Gong’s nephew had a "stop the tie", is one of the few surviving works, the Southern Song Dynasty had "Jane painted hall" collection, and repeated the Qing Dynasty when celebrities and famous connoisseur Qian Yong Zhang Heng Tan Jing, Zhang Wenkui and collectors hands, after nine hundred years of years of erosion is still well preserved, very rare. The "Peony map", beginning in early Ming Dynasty palace of Qing Dynasty Qian Ning, Tibet re palace, recorded in the "Shi Qubao Ji", the style is elegant, small, indeed for the sublime. And the Southern Song Dynasty painting of peony in the only two pieces, one for the the Imperial Palace Museum of Li Song "flower basket", another is the debut in the guardian 16 will shoot the autumn song "Peony" fan. Have a song called Esther peony "Wonderland" figure this season the ancient part also ad hoc "natural interest: the Yangzhou School of painting and calligraphy" night, thirty-nine works together twelve masters of the Yangzhou school. Besides painting, "the Ming Dynasty calligraphy" in a number of giant focus on calligraphy works during the two dynasties calligraphy ZTE, contend posture. "Stone inscription lease" plate includes thirteen pieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties rubbings, Wang Youlin old Cang song of the Tang Dynasty all the more mysterious extension of the famous inscriptions, Wu Mao Gong tripod hidden hidden old week Chen Jieqi rubbings are very eye-catching. In "twenty-sixth" generous Kegon Guangfo off interest相关的主题文章:

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