The world’s first regenerative molten salt green heating system in Hebei successful test in Xinji 捷安特xtc750

The world’s first "regenerative" molten salt green heating system run in Hebei Xinji [Abstract] by CIC Yixing Sun Solar Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CIC Yixing sun") the world’s first molten salt heat storage heating system in October 25th, independent research and development, design and manufacturing (Zhang Shixiang) by CIC Yixing solar sun science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as "CIC Yixing sun") the world’s first molten salt regenerative heating system of independent research and development, design and manufacturing, October 16th successful test in Xinji city of Hebei Province, the technical performance indicators have reached the design requirements, can be smooth to nearly one hundred thousand square meters of residential heating in the heating season. It is understood that in order to lay the foundation of molten salt industry by molten salt heat storage principle of electric heating heating system is out of the night, low temperature molten salt in the cold, after the electric heating to more than and 500 degrees heat stored in the saltcellar, according to the need to take the high temperature molten salt for heating, high temperature molten salt heat release a low temperature molten salt, back to the cold storage tank. On the market for regenerative heating technology, there are two types of water storage and solid heat storage. The water temperature is low, the heat dissipation is fast, and the heat storage is far less than the molten salt. Solid heat storage is a kind of electric heating tube (wire) placed in the solid, the heat transfer performance of the solid is not adjusted, and the electric heating tube (wire) is easy to be damaged. Pictured, CIC billion star management team on the project site according to the person in charge of CIC Red Star billion project introduction, in the heating system, the molten salt is the most critical factor is the company’s core competitiveness. Molten salt has a very complex thermal and chemical properties, is an excellent heat storage and heat transfer medium. However, due to the need to measure and hold the performance of a very high level of science and technology and precision instruments, it is basically no commercial development. CIC’s parent company Red Star billion billion of new energy investment Star Investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as "CIC Yixing") responsible person also told, Beijing University of Technology, Key Laboratory of enhanced heat transfer and energy conservation of the Ministry of education as early as twenty years ago, the molten salt as a basic subject of study. In the country’s strong support of scientific research funds, the purchase of the experimental equipment of tens of millions, not afraid of danger, hard, has successfully prepared mixed molten salt more than and 200 different performance, and accurate determination of the performance data of various molten salt. The molten salt, both the melting point of the low melting point of molten salt more than and 60 degrees, and the temperature is as high as eight hundred degree high temperature molten salt decomposition, which not only overcomes two yuan salt freezing point is widely used at home and abroad is high, easy to freeze, but also has the advantages of good fluidity, stable performance, low corrosion at the same time, the service life is long, the cost is greatly reduced, and laid the foundation for the industrial use of molten salt. In addition, key laboratory has made remarkable achievements in scientific research, professional papers than the famous American Oak Forest National Laboratory; the formula is the largest U.S. nuclear energy agency of the Idaho National Laboratory recommended reference. After careful study of the national policy, the investment in billion after careful planning and demonstration, relying on the strength of science and technology of Beijing University of Technology, the "coal to electricity",相关的主题文章:

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