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Domestic film youth theme should not be absent from the campus is not equal to "   " Gouxue; love – the media – original title: youth theme should not be absent in the present in the context of popular culture, education is always a hot topic easily lead to resonance in people. Not only that, such as young people and parents of the audience is also the film and television industry to compete for potential shares". This reasoning, to explore the issue of education of young people should be the theme of the film market darling. However, is contrasted with the huge market potential, the past two years of production China teenagers movie the Vif in the annual China movie box office billions, this phenomenon is worth exploring. The Chinese teenagers movie film history, although the amount is not much, but there is no lack of good works. From the last century in 80s and 90s, "Miao Miao", "king of the children" "my September", "not one less" "Fenghuang Qin", to the new century "looks beautiful" water "phoenix" "beautiful feet", "Maimaiti 2008" "ice breaking" "Youth" sent "Babes to my house" these films, or around the school education, family education and social education to the young generation’s growth story, or focus on education workers living conditions and life circumstances, or to the college entrance examination, youth addiction, mutual health and other social hot topics and educational phenomenon, the efforts made for the diversity of Youth Theme creation. However, with the film market and the industry continues to advance, a lot of small budget films, due to the lack of stars and the elements of the market, the topic effect and marketing, and the standard of art to economic and social concern in the market competition to obtain. Due to the particularity of the subject matter and the audience, the film should be more approachable and friendly. However, being influenced by the idea of creation, some creators take civilized attitude overlooking the youth groups, resulting in the story mode, character flattening, thought simplification, unable to meet the aesthetic needs of the audience today. So, in the multi role, domestic youth theme was on the edge of the entire film industry, leading to the emergence of the works is less and less, can obtain the social widespread attention is very rare. Not only to explore the education topic domestic youth films are neglected in the market at home and abroad, some are the good reputation of foreign films in Chinese show, the market performance is not ideal. For example, in India local box office movie history record refresh "Three Idiots", in Chinese received only about 14000000 yuan at the box office; watercress score 8.1 points of the Japanese film "spice" in the bottom of Chinese earned about 37000000 yuan. Even the movie industrialization is relatively mature to the performance of Hollywood movies and youth related content, also like "Harry? Potter" series of films as cover magic, crime, suspense and other types of coat, in order to create blockbuster is widespread. This just shows that the current embarrassment of young people compared to the depth of the content of the film, but also need to be able to be accepted by the market and the audience interested in the market coat, in order to get more attention. Face this kind of market environment相关的主题文章:

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