Isaac Shanghai International Violin Competition closing – 月丘うさぎ

The first Shanghai Isaac? Stern International Violin Competition closing – Beijing China News Agency, Shanghai, September 2 (Wang Ji) nervous race after 3 comprehensive range, high difficulty, the first Shanghai Isaac? Stern International Violin Competition on the evening of 2 in the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall ended, won by Japan’s Kishima Mayu bag in. South Korea’s Song Zhiyuan has missed the final, but by virtue of the Violin Concerto "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" moving "interpretation, interpretation of the best China award". One of the hot topics in the first Isaac Shanghai international violin competition is the difficulty of the repertoire of the. Each contestant needs to be prepared for up to 4 hours before the match, which is rare in the world. High level players not only reflected in the skill, but also reflected in the innovation and works of different styles of interpretation, between the 6 players made the finals match, the final showdown is more P. Fourth ranked Germany’s Stefan tower? Haha earlier in an interview with News Agency reporters said that despite the high amount of the game, a great repertoire of difficulty, but it can show a complete musician should be what kind of, "how can you reflect the music exchanges with the audience." Shanghai Isaac? Stern international violin competition but also the ad hoc "Isaac? Stern Award — Humanistic Spirit Award", awarded to people worldwide with musical interpretation of humanistic spirit outstanding contributions, and thus to Isaac? Stern with music flashing the glory of human nature life. That night, the first "Isaac? Stern Award — Humanistic Spirit Award" gets the final Chinese joining forces in the Gansu high school principal Wu taixiang and vice president Du Zhengquan, and from the Afghan girl Negin Paerwake?. The former student orchestra "Einstein Orchestra" was set up in a poor village, to cultivate children’s self-confidence through music; the latter is not afraid of danger and family pressure, leading women’s Orchestra "with Hera band" the pursuit of music dream. "There are rarely the same type of game award and instrumental independent international awards, the most important is to encourage the non professional performer, who made great contributions to the music, but has been unknown to the public, behind silently pay people," the music director of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the competition organizing committee director Yu Long said, "there is a China" from the cognitive ‘, I think it is in the global scope, this award is the original intention to discover more music story. We hope to return to the truth, to explore the underlying, pure and simple, willing to lonely music and music education." (end)相关的主题文章:

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