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Beijing literary writers of Beijing usher in strong outbreak record "the first" new network reporter Lu Yanxia – in efforts to launch a number of original literary masterpieces, highlighting the strength of the innovation mechanism, provide accumulate steadily; support and service for the writers, literary works of the thick soil fertility breeding; absorb talents, for aspiring Youth Literature "nest" lead them into the palace of literature;…… When people have lamented the decline of literature today, Beijing literature has a prosperous people, literature exploration and innovation in the stick, and it can not be said to be lucky in literature. Great teaching an important speech, general secretary Xi Jinping in the October 15, 2014 National Symposium on literary work, pointed out the direction for the development of the cause of literature in new period. Two years later, Beijing literature to produce a satisfactory answer — Beijing writers record "the first" for me as a writer, in the creation of access to the funds, is really important." Author Xu Zechen — in the past two years, Beijing literature ushered in the harvest in good times, hit a "first in the country". In April this year, vice chairman of Beijing Writers Association Cao Wenxuan won the 2016 international Andersen award, becoming the first award of the writer Chinese. Last year, the Mao Dun prize, Ge Fei to "Jiangnan Trilogy", Wang Meng "side scenery" award, Beijing writer award number ranked first in the country. The 2014 annual Lu Xun prize winners, five Beijing Writers: Zhou Xiaofeng’s "whale" by singing prose award, Xu Zechen the "if" won the award for short fiction snowed, Ge Fei’s "cloak" won the novella award, Meng Fanhua’s "literary revolution after the end of the new century literature — on the draft" and He Shaojun the "constructive attitude under the spirit of" reconstruction by the literary theory critics award, Beijing has achieved the first success. In addition, in last year’s Mao Dun prize, Lin Bai’s "north to go to Xu Zechen’s speech", "Jerusalem" was nominated for the Liu Qingbang prize; "yellow earth", rather than the "three trio" into the top 20. These masterpieces are rooted in literature, fine soil, a mechanism due to the support of Beijing creative boutique. To support quality of service maturity, writer, Beijing Writers Association launched the innovative literary works project system ", namely through the subject demonstration project, evaluation of a series of procedures, to put money into the whole process of writers, writers devote themselves to the creation of support. Over the past 4 years, the "literature quality project" has been the subject of the successful signing of the creation of 34 projects. Signing in, both heavyweight writer Zhang Jie, Liu Qingbang has long been famous, there are Xu Kun, rather this literary backbone, the outstanding representatives of more Xu Zechen, Huo Yan 70, after 80 young writers. The writer Lin Bai recalls the process of "north to come", and still feels grateful. "Literary works project" to support her 100 thousand yuan for her, this is a lot of money, so she went back home to Guangxi twice, added a lot of material, "north to speech" from the original ten words expanded to about four hundred thousand words, "more than your thick." Writer.相关的主题文章:

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