Women who give birth to babies without eyes are rare genetic diseases 巴雷特m82a1

Woman have no eyes baby expert: a few days ago from a rare genetic disease, Guangzhou Zengcheng Liu Peihua blessed with a son, one family are immersed in the joy of baby. But a closer look, the baby has been closed eyes never opened, after careful examination, doctors found that he had no eyes! Wow, isn’t it? What the hell is going on? In September 20th, in October Liu finally ushered in his son Xiao ming. But the joy of the birth of new life did not last long. Family with Xiao Ming to the hospital’s eye examination, the doctor’s answer to make them vulnerable. Reporter access to information that no eye disease is a rare genetic disease, the incidence rate is very low, with some part of the lack of eye tissue, and some children are completely free of any ocular tissue, this disease is difficult to malformation by ultrasound found in advance. But he also said the aunt, maternal pregnant in October between the timing of pregnancy, and no abnormal results. Like other newly born baby, Xiao Ming will often swinging hands and feet, crying loudly, drink milk, defecation, everything is normal, but the only difference is unable to open eyes to see family. The diagnosis of "no eye disease" is both cruel and strange, in the face of a baby without eyes, a person in addition to despair, more care is helpless. So, family hope charity organization in this area can help them, not in disarray. Now, the family is booking the top three hospitals in Guangzhou, intends to give Xiao Ming to do a formal and comprehensive physical examination, to see if there are other organs, in addition to the eyes. And when it comes to plans for the future, Liu said it would be difficult to stick to it.相关的主题文章:

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