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"Emergency department doctor" shooting Zhang Boyu doctor – Sohu witnessed death entertainment "emergency department doctor" Zhang Boyu Sohu entertainment news recently, starring Zhang Jiayi, Wang Luodan, Zhang Boyu’s TV series "emergency physicians" are wildly beating gongs and drums to shoot. The play is about the soul in the emergency department in the story. Actor Zhang Boyu in the play as a young doctor, Liu Kai, in order to play a good role in this, Zhang Boyu also went deep into the hospital emergency department work experience life. With the car carrying patients, contact visits, seriously injured, to participate in the emergency disposal work is done before the actor Zhang Boyu will play the role. At the same time, because of the particularity of the emergency work, Zhang Boyu also witnessed the others face dying moments. He said: "the doctor will always be in a variety of challenges before the race against time, to save one life after another." These experiences and touches he always keep in mind, and through their own efforts, to create a more close to the life of the characters. In the practice of that period of life, actor Zhang Boyu deeply felt the sacred and hard work of medical workers. Emergency department of the doctor is really not easy, not only to have a strong professional skills and knowledge, but also have a strong psychological endurance, in the passing of life, we must also face strong. Often can see they even have no time to rest, just after the transfer of a patient, immediately to save the next patient…… That kind of work intensity and pressure, the average person is really hard to bear."   相关的主题文章:

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