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Taiwan corner, Muse hidden in the details of Sohu – familiar Lu Jing familiar, obviously the apartment is winding, winding alleys when the sky is still wanton open wire, singing songs in the imagination: "there is a river in front of my house, a hill in the back. The more we grow up, the more we habitually bow down to what we call "the farther the world". In order to get out of the comfort zone, the road to our home, like innumerable twists and turns, the migratory bird genes in the destiny, when the eyes have to accommodate more sick time, began to reverse those familiar rather than to look at the scenery. The ordinary to the MRT station, incapable of further increase art galleries, large parks, those we know "there" where, after Linenchih_myselfish’s interpretation, so that visitors always think, what is this? Is this really Taiwan? Looking at his work, he wants to believe that he can see the beauty, even the scenery, on his way to the school and the company. A walk over the original, beautiful scenery is not necessarily the magnificent waves, it can be the same with the people of this land, simple, small and beautiful, still shining. In a corner of the train station bridge structure, Nautilus like, what is hidden in where? The view building in Xinzhuang comprehensive sports park, not to say, is considered to be a beautiful clock tower abroad. Such a simple wish, originally hidden on the edge of the steps of the metropolitan riverside. If you just pass by the high point, you can’t see it. Willing to go down, there is a chance to find back. New Taipei City Library total new museum, their work has a world of their own party, the original is the best scenery. Exactly where in the east of Taipei, the photographer himself can’t remember it. Sometimes the beauty as the head of both spiritual and deer, his eyes to the unauthorized. National Taiwan science education museum. Sometimes you put your cell phone down and lift your eyes 180 degrees. The sky you see is not lost to this picture, right? The Great Lakes Park in addition to shoot Kintaikyo, may break your photo is a choice. The next time you see the stairs in addition to take full, incoherent is also a good viewing angle. In the small span bridge embankment gourd forest agricultural aja temple ruins. Will the life is just a beacon after a mirage and insubstantial objects, red lanterns, keep an armchair, and beside the thin light micro in the wind to pass a flash, no solution of the problem. Hualian County Ji’an Township, in the end where the pool is so "sky cloud shadow wandering together"? The original beautiful island station in addition to the dome of light, the station entrance and exit is also very rich design sense. Taiwan Chinese Museum Nanyin green heart park. White ladder rotation, the structure of the United States, see it back thousands of tire. Anping port, Tainan. When the palms are willing to squat, they can have a wider sky. Creator AndyLin said: "with the idea of photography, also began to travel, but also because travel everywhere, began to enjoy the beauty of Taiwan.". Sometimes it’s because of a very h

台湾一隅,缪思藏在细节里-搜狐   熟悉的路景如数家珍,明明公寓被窄巷蜿蜒缠绕、明明天空被电线恣意划开,仍旧唱着儿歌里的想象:「我家门前有小河,后面有山坡。」越是长大,越是习惯地低头去看我们所谓,更远的世界。为了走出舒适圈,把路走得千回百转,我们出走,像候鸟基因里的命定一般,当眼界已能容纳更多撩乱的光景,竟开始无法倒叙那些熟稔而不愿再多看一眼的风景。   平凡到无以复加的捷运站、美术馆、大型公园,那些我们知道「就在那里」的地方,经过Linenchih_myselfish的诠释,总使浏览者想着,这是哪呢?这里真的是台湾吗?   看着他的作品,会想相信,自己也可以看见这些美好,甚至那些景致都在自己通往学校、公司的路上。一走一过,原来美丽的风景不一定要壮阔波澜,它可以跟这块土地上的人们一样,朴实、小而美、兀自发光。      板桥火车站里的一角,鹦鹉螺似的结构,到底被藏在哪里?      新庄综合运动公园中的观景楼,不说还以为是国外的漂亮钟塔呢。      这样朴实的愿望,原来藏在大都会河畔的阶梯边缘。假使只从高点路过,便看不见它了。   愿意向下走去,才有回头发现的机会。      新北市立图书馆新总馆,各自耕耘自己的一方天地,原来就是最好的风景。      确切到底在台北东区的哪,摄影者自己也记不得了。有时候美景像头既具灵性的鹿,求之不得,而又擅自入眼来。      国立台湾科学教育馆。有时候放下手机,将眼光上抬 180 度,所见的天空,并不输给这张照片,对吧?      大湖公园除了能拍锦带桥,或许玩转自己的照片也是种选择。下次看见楼梯除了走好走满,颠三倒四也是不错的取景角度。      葫芦国小跨堤天桥      树林废墟      农禅寺水月道场。会不会生命里的镜花水月,只是一盏盏接续不断的红灯笼,高高挂起,与身旁的稀微光芒在风中明灭,继续传递着无解的问题。      花莲县吉安乡,到底哪面池子如此「天光云影共徘徊」呢?      原来美丽岛站除了光之穹顶,车站出入口也极富设计感。      台中国立美术馆      南瀛绿都心公园。纯白的阶梯旋转而下,结构之美,看它千回不厌。      台南安平港。当掌镜者愿意蹲下,便能拥有更广阔的天空。   创作者 AndyLin 表示:「有了摄影的念头,也就开始旅行,也因为到处旅行,开始享受台湾的美。有时候会因为把一个很平常普通的东西拍得很美而感到开心,也会因为自己捕捉到了人没有看到的一角而感到满意。我用文字阐述一些我看到的社会或我听到与体悟到的心情,想把这份共鸣用照片记录下来,并把快乐或一些能量分享给大家。」   旅行不一定要远走高飞,只要有想看见的愿望,并且真的「行动」,打开手机或相机的镜头,不再为储存美景时的取景角度感到别扭,愿意蹲下、侧躺、俯瞰,便会读懂这座岛屿里的小小角落里潜藏的情节。   本文章为创用授权,转载请注明本站出处。   文 Sora│ 图 linenchih_myselfish相关的主题文章:

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