Psychic Energy Interpretation Part 6-cad2012序列号和密钥

Writing-and-Speaking Building bridges between people, or building a bridge of consciousness between one another, is a representation of this energy. Its a person who is trying to .e out of an illusion into the reality of the present situation. On the shadow side, there can be deception from someone at work and/or from a partner, thus the old structure is in the process of crumbling and a new one is about to be built. Medically, this represents bone disintegration, osteoporosis, or tooth decay. On a psychological level, this relates to desertion, many times representing a father who deserts his family, a man leaving his loved ones, or a person put in prison due to hidden or subversive activities. This is difficult in that there seems to be no way out, but time seems to heal everything, so the motto here is, "give it time to heal." .munication with those one feels very connected to as well as relating to a study group that one meets up with once a week are manifestations of this energy. It links one to relatives and siblings in the family or it connects one with people who we consider family. There may be unique connections that bring new interests and knowledge into ones life as well as people with whom one thinks in the same way and shares mutual interests. The process of .ing out of the illusion and facing ones fear of the unknown are influenced by this energy. Professionally, there can be betrayal on the part of a partner, as well as meeting up with one’s karma from past lives. There can be much depression due to years of hardship or taking care of someone who has had a long-term illness. There can also be a feeling as though one has been all alone without anyone who understands them, or the feeling of being spiritually bankrupt. On a positive level, one could have the ability to share spiritual words of enlightenment, which can help to save someone from their great sadness, such as being a substance abuse counselor. The best way to deal with this is through meditation, thus connecting to a higher source of consciousness. There can be emotional blocks in relationships that can cause separations due to repeating the patterns of our parents; this, in fact, could even relate to the breakup of a family. Usually there is an ability to discipline the feelings that can help one to be able to make decisions without attachment. One has the capacity to run a family business and make it successful and also, as time passes, there can be the responsibility of an aging parent put on one’s shoulders. There may be the desire to build a beautiful structure and/or home which has a sense of stability and security. This also relates to financial concerns and/or a point where we pay off loans and create new long-term investments. There is a desire to separate from others and go into seclusion. Theres also a tendency to harden ones feelings, thus building walls for protection. Early life is usually difficult since one may have to be responsible for others within the environment. This is a character builder, though, giving one a sense of being able to withstand whatever life has to offer. One has a good sense of timing with this; in fact, they usually arrive early, but theres difficulty interacting with others once theyre there, due to early environmental circumstances. Ones early environment could make them the stand-alone type. Medically, this tends to cause ailments that limit, as in arthritis, bone problems due to lack of calcium assimilation, problems with the teeth, and difficulties with the eyes. This also manifests as the gaining of insight after a period of darkness in one’s inner life. This is one of the most sensual points in the zodiac, since theres a raw sexuality along with the desire to act spontaneously without restraint. Thus this relates to procreation or the desire to procreate. The negative side of this would be the jealousy that arises when there are indiscriminate acts on the part of the mate. This energy relates to surgery used to beautify the face or elective reproductive surgery. One can do well in business and in the building of new structures on a professional level, which can lead to on-the-job learning. There can be saving for a new home or expanding of the existing one, thus there can be many expansions and then delays or contractions of one’s energies. One of the secrets is knowing when to begin or expand and when to wait. There can also be delays surrounding travel that can get very tiresome after a while, since one’s time doesn’t seem to be their own any longer. Many financial issues can .e up because of the delays life has offered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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