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Arts-and-Entertainment Mrs. Cezanne who was as immortal as Cezanne was called Mary Hortense Fick. There is not too much about her detailed legend, only knowing her living in Euler village in the east of France before marriage with Cezanne. Her father was an honest bank clerk. Hortense got acquainted with Cezanne about in 1869. Born in 1850, she was only 19 years old. But Cezanne was over 30 years old. Hortense began to know Cezanne when she tried to be a model for living. This legend had no conclusive basis. I estimate that this argument is based on the non social character of Cezanne, especially his cowardice for the opposite sex. Anyway, they got married soon after their acquaintance. Three years later they gave birth to a son, named "Paul", sharing the same name with Cezanne. At that time, Cezanne did not hesitate to put his son in his registered name. But little Cezanne’s mother had failed to become the official wife Cezanne. Hortense officially became Cezanne"s wife in April 1886, which happened 17 years after their acquaintance. At that time, their son was 14 years old already. Why these two people officially get married so late? This is because Cezanne has kept this from his family, especially his father. At that time, Cezanne often visited his parents, and went to and from Aiks Ann Provence which was in the south of France and Paris. When he returned home, he always took Hortense and his son to Marseille and made them quietly live there. When his father did not pay attention, Cezanne often secretly ran out and met them. Reportedly, Cezanne sometimes missed the bus coming from Marseille and quickly walked a 30-km road in order not to make his father angry because his late for dinner. Why is Cezanne so in awe of his father? Because his life is totally dependent on his father. This outstanding genius who is successful in the reverse direction of painting history is an incompetent person in life. No works have been sold out. And he has no other skills besides painting. Therefore, his only life source (including Hortense and son) is the 200 francs from his father very month. Cezanne"s father is so dissatisfactory with his son who does not inherit his career and chooses to be a painter. Cezanne often worries about that if his autocratic father knows his marriage; his father will stop offering his living expenses. Certainly Hortense is not happy with such situation. According to Cezanne’s friends, Hortense is a bourgeois loving social activity. She is utterly ignorant of the art and could not help Cezanne. People seem to have a bad assessment for her. But in turn, Hortense deserves sympathy. Although she does not understand the art of Cezanne, she makes Cezanne draw nearly forty pieces of precious masterpieces (including this painting). Here, we really should thank her. Without Hortense, we may lose some of the most important works in the history of modern art. There is not much left of Cezanne"s portraits if regardless of Hortense"s portraits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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