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Business With all blogs platforms, you can turn off the blog comment feature. The question is, should you do it in order to stop spam? Is there no other way to stop spam? To answer this question, you need to look at why you would want to enable blog comments on your blog. Some bloggers think that they need an active blog based on the number of comments that they receive. Unfortunately, that is erroneous perception since not all comments are legitimate comments. Some are just spam comments. What are spam comments? Usually, whoever who is genuinely interested in your content will write something that is relevant to your blog post. However, just to get some back links, some people actually submit comments that are totally irrelevant to the blogs. To make things worse, they use automated tools to submit the comments. In other words, it may just be bots visiting your web page. If you do nothing, the situation may become unmanageable. Imagine having thousands of spam comments in your blog. You won’t even feel like moderating them. Of course, the quickest solution is to turn off the blog commenting feature completely. It’s like flicking a switch. Once comments need been set to off, your web visitors will not be able to leave comments on your blog. In far too many cases, this is not the ideal situation. A large number individuals and businesses depend on their blogs for feedback. They want their visitors to respond to their posts. So how do you keep commenting enabled, and at the same time, prevent spam? There are third party plugins that are built specifically to prevent spam comments. Once these plugins are installed, the blog will automatically check all incoming comments and filter out the ones that are most likely to be spam. Of course, this is not the perfect solution as some comments may still be accidentally flagged as spam by the plugin. But it’s better than nothing. You can also add Captcha to your comment forms to ensure that all comments are submitted by human and not by software. You never want bots to be able to comment on your blog. That will reduce the number of spam comments dramatically. Some bloggers choose to simply de-link all incoming comments. This will discourage spammers who need no real intent of leaving legitimate feedback. Blog commenting is a good way to interact with your fans and readers. If possible, try means and ways to keep this feature active. If you are running a business blog, it’s even more important that you get feedback from your users. You need to know what they are thinking in order to serve them better. And by following simple blog comments, you will have some sort of barometer to see where you stand. You may then steer your business in the right direction and make more money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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