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.puters-and-Technology These 7 tips will help make your ongoing Search Engine Optimization efforts be more effective. 1. Get your keywords down. Know what the Keyword Portfolio for your site will be. Think broader keywords for the main pages, and more specific keywords for the subpages/interior pages. 2. Stay Focused. Focus efforts on getting links from relevant sources. If you are selling sofas, then a link on a childrens toys site is not helpful. 3. Keep on the campaign trail. Big starts followed by long stops will cause you to lose momentum, and may hurt your link campaigns. Rather than pushing months of effort into 4 weeks, keep it spread out over time. This keeps the momentum and keeps your activity current in the index robots. 4. Limit or eliminate linking on websites that have no link power. Websites that have poor page rank, low quality, or use NoFollows (inactive links, no link power). Also, sites that have questionable activities like pop ups or virus warning are to be stayed away from. 5. Think broad and deep on the keywords used to promote your website. Think of broad themes as well as going deep around specific keywords. 6. When article marketing, a few high quality article directories is better than trying to syndicate across hundreds of directories. Trying to push an article across hundreds of directories usually has less power than high quality directories. 7. Build links to your important internal website pages and popular blog posts, this is called deep linking. This will spread your SEO out throughout your website and not just your homepage. Need a website checkup? Get a About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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