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Wealth-Building Is it inflation or deflation that is .ing? This is the question that people are asking at the moment. This was not being asked a few months ago. Nearly all the expert though that we would only see inflation. One thing is for certain, whatever is the end result you need to try and protect your wealth. A method of achieving this is through alternative investments. I am still not sure what will happen. If I were pushed to give an answer I think that we will see inflation after a short time of deflation. What does this mean for investing? In a period of deflation then cash a good bet. This is something that Japan has seen and is still fighting inflation to this day. So is cash better than alternative investments in deflation? The answer is maybe. Although we may get deflation on ‘Main Street’, the government will do whatever they can to try and stop it happening. They are doing that by printing lots of money. Although that average man isn’t seeing the money, the investment banks are. They then search for greater returns and may look towards alternative investments to find them. Although there are two camps of thought on the inflation/deflation issue, the majority of people have the belief that it will be inflation. Alternative investments would do quite well in this situation. Whatever happens we are surely going to see a bumpy ride in the stock market, I am pretty certain of that. Alternative investments are usually pretty unrelated to these movements. This means that you have a great way of hedging your risk that you may have in equities. It doesn’t matter what people say, they are not sure of what will happen in the next few years. You should try and allocate you assets in things that will preserve you wealth. A way of doing that would be to have some alternative investments in your portfolio. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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