Android manufacturers have suffered shuffle LG, HTC and SONY are likely to hang (video)

Android LG, HTC manufacturers experienced reshuffle and SONY may hang six years ago Android The Verge Chinese what God do now if the network reported on September 16th Android OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is manufacturing equipment, they work is much simpler, easier. But in the modern world of intelligent mobile phone, light is the design and manufacture of new equipment, continue to advance high standard is still not enough, you must install their own software in equipment, provide an upgrade package and security package, the price must be attractive. Because of this, not every OEM enterprise performance is very good, because the level of Android OEM more and more, the competition intensifies, some well-known companies may withdraw from the game. First of all, we have to start from SONY, which is the most dangerous camp Android companies. SONY is good at high-end equipment manufacturing. In the past 3 years, X series of mobile phones to evolve at a rapid pace, from Z1 to Z5 and then to the existing XZ, but the characteristics of the phone has not changed. In general, the flagship Xperia high priced mobile phone, equipped with the latest components, design attractive, but it does not install the latest Android operating system, have good camera is often bad software. In this year’s IFA show, I tried the Xperia XZ smart phones, new products give me such a feeling: beautiful appearance, the internal configuration of high-end, but the Android system is outdated, camera software can not be satisfied. As a SONY fan, see SONY continue to make the same mistake, I deeply heartache. The new XZ phone will start selling in October, its configuration, software and ultra cheap millet Mi 5 almost, with the launch of this summer and a considerable increase of 3. From the point of view of time, XZ has been late, the phone a lot of expensive, in addition to the brand, and not too many unique places. In the high-end camp, can replace many of XZ’s mobile phone, starting this week, iPhone 7 officially sold, it installed a new iOS 10 operating system. Next month, Google will launch a new mobile phone, install the new version of Android, SONY mobile phone is hard to become a good buyer. By this time next year, we will not talk about SONY flagship phone? Really not sure. SONY has restructured the enterprise, simplifying the mobile business, the size of the mobile phone business greatly reduced. HTC is facing a similar fate, once, HTC is a pioneer in cutting-edge Android smart phones, and now it will be the most energy and time on the Vive VR helmet. HTC has some end smart mobile phone, for example, in MWC this year, HTC launched Desire 530 and 630, but the mobile phone is cheap China mobile phone playing not fight back. In this month’s IFA show, HTC launched the One A9s, but compared with last year’s One A9 configuration some decline, such as One A9s screen resolution decreased, there are some places have shrunk. Just after the release of the phone less than an hour, HUAWEI launched the Nova phone, which is installed in an aluminum alloy enclosure, No.相关的主题文章:

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