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"Another world" to find the most beautiful mestizo " " – entertainment channel — Lori and Yang Fan Pompidou in France Art Center street entertainer Yang Fan Lori and Pompidou Art Center in Paris to show the artistic energy of playing the piano, read poetry, young people along the way is common the "I" another world Lori pursuit of music dream "another" world Lori Yang Fan met the most beautiful interpretation of motorcycle passion Mestizo Lori motorcycle hold international friendship Lori by netizens as "the most beautiful" Mestizo "world another me" the hero Yang Fan Van "world" Yang Fan and another one of my friends on the road in the world another me Yang Fan and another guy playing my first in Lithuania second sets of adrenaline, half French not stable… … The new version of the world, I am the European quarter to show the world’s coolest youth at the same time, continue to target is out of the sprint, the first set of harvest 9.3. Produced by Iqiyi, Yang Fan studios produced the first domestic global motorcycle trip show new version of "another me in the world?" the European season since August 17th log Iqiyi premiere, August 19th August 22nd, Southeast TV channel TV broadcast synchronization. Less than a week, the first set of network click rate of over 9 million, watercress comments score of 9.3 points, known as the new generation of network God variety. Another kind of "Liao" netizen "Liao" red Mestizo goddess Lori "after another me in the world?" the first season in Europe after a surge of adrenaline "opening, second sets of flagship young do not need stable" — Yang Fan all the way from Lithuania to France to brave the wind and dew ride to search. This time to the "coolest youth" is the endorsement of Mestizo beauty Lori, a motorcycle can do music pole dancing girl. The program was broadcast, Lori ins and micro-blog is a lot of viewers find her high Yan value, her daughter, son of Liu Ye and Jiang Wen moment are become "the most beautiful mestizo". It is reported that Lori’s father is a famous French motorcycle coach Michel, who in 2002 led Chinese Zongshen Motorcycle won the first world champion, and shooting sports documentary Yang Fan met. This time Yang Fan went to France, the whole family helped Yang Fan find someone. In France, Yang Fan did not find "another me", to help him find the half blood beauty Lori Yang Fan has become "another me" — Lori wants to drop out of "international trade" to transfer music, and the 13 year old began to drop out art Yang Fan hit it off. Yang Fan and Lori together to participate in the concert, go to the Pompidou Art Center Plaza "entertainer", the creation of poetry and art…… The audience shouted accident: "originally the bitter world full of missing, suddenly felt a pink!" "I think the level of first-class shot sail brother, sister Liao is hidden." Because Lori, "another world" the theme is also improved, "another me" can be the same date of birth, can be together after I can dream of the foot, is similar to my experience. The target score was 9.3 out of God variety Premiere)相关的主题文章:

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