Apple ID is now in the hands of hacking thriller equipment have to pay to unlock cheats brick

Apple ID is now in the hands of Horror: since the hacking equipment have to pay for a brick to unlock the TechWeb reported in October 14th the Xiao Fang eleven holiday, many users reflect their apple ID by hacking. Network account theft occurred, I believe you must also not strange, but many users read stolen apple ID experience, Xiaobian can only use "Thriller" describe — the world most sad than watched their apple mobile phone here, but incapable of action, for a number of common equipment for an apple ID users, is a brick, two brick, three brick…… Watch the children’s shoes may laugh, but really devastated children only tears. The thing is that you suffer the comprehensive feedback drops, apple ID stolen it: one is completely unnoticed, when you are concentrating on playing, iPhone suddenly stopped, landing on Apple’s own ID has the wrong password, do not know what the situation, find out the iPad found as like as two peas. For example, some netizens said their night in "news broadcast", iPhone suddenly sounded the alarm sound, harsh voice has been completely beyond a normal application should have experience, he has a look at mobile phone screen. The other is the phone inexplicably pop up window to enter the apple ID account and password, naive you think apple is a problem with the system, enter a few times have prompted errors. Once thought, when the liar is stealing a smile. Yes, they are so get your password, and immediately modified, and even the problem of changing the password has been changed. CCTV "first time" interview to Mr. Chen suffered this scam, and their 5 devices have become a brick. Now the mobile phone is like our body organs, even seconds off, mobile phone bricked certainly want to solve as soon as possible, a lot of data and information on the mobile phone or not directly affect our normal work. This time, everyone will think of first contact the official customer service demand solutions, Xiaobian asked Apple customer service staff, the official can help solve, but requires the user to take the purchase invoice, packing box of iPhone to the apple store. In this problem, many users are using the new mobile phone package, what the invoice it will fall into the whole trash can, and some users from cattle or two traffickers to buy the Hong Kong Version, no official Apple issued mobile phone contains type, color, IMEI code and other information invoice. If so, it is unfortunate to tell you that the official has been unable to solve the problem of ID theft. Xiao Bian here by the way, be sure to buy Apple devices from the formal channels and retain the invoice and packing box, otherwise is really tears……相关的主题文章:

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