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Golf Any female golfer who needs to find the best ladies golf clubs will know that this is still not easy despite the fact that there now more women golfers then ever before. Because all of us, both males and females, are human and therefore different than each other, there will always be a problem when trying to find suitable golf equipment. Fewer Women then Men need Golf Clubs Golf clubs are a specialist market and one that is driven by demand and this is where lady golfers miss out. The number of women playing golf is still smaller .pared to the number of men that play so ladies golf clubs tend to be a smaller market restricted by the high costs of producing specialist clubs just for ladies. If you are a female golfer you may just get lucky and find that a standard golf club design for the male market will work for you too, but this does not often happen. More likely you will find that women golfers find it hard to find the right golf clubs especially when looking for the whole set. Physical Differences are a Major Factor The physical differences between men and women means that both sexes have different requirements when it .es to selecting that perfect golf club. A club that is too stiff or too flexible will not be suitable for the lady golfer and a standard gold club is unlikely to match a female golfers swing in most cases. Lighter weight clubs may help to increase swing speed for longer shots but then there is a possibility of loosing the control that would be provided by a heavier club. Club length is also very important as women tend to be shorter than men and the clubs they need will have to be shorter to give a more .fortable fit in the hands of the lady golfer. Try and road test the golf clubs you like to make sure that the fit is what you need and that they feel .fortable when playing. Do as much research and testing as you need to make sure you really have made the best selection. What About Custom Clubs or Clubs Designed for Women Many golf equipment .panies now make golf clubs just for women, including wedges, woods and irons, that are design with meeting the criteria that lady golfers need. These clubs are often lighter in the hand and will contribute greatly to a better golf game for females and more progress than with standard clubs. As a woman gets better at golf then her demand for better clubs will also increase and the requirement for something that fits really well even more important. In this case it may be necessary to have a set of custom golf clubs made to ensure the best fit possible. Of course these will not be cheap and you will have to be prepared to pay the cost of perfection. However this maybe a small price to pay as the benefits and additional enjoyment you get as your golf game improves will probably be worth it. Today it is actually now easier to find golf clubs that a designed just for the woman golfer, however it really should be easier than it is for female golf players to find clubs that will help her improve and that match her style. Never Give Up Searching Bad equipment will hold back any lady golfer so it is important to find what you really need as soon as you can and getting the right equipment is essential if you want to progress. About the Author: By: Merv Carlson – There are a whole host of things that you can do to reduce your scores and improve your performance on the golf course. In this article I am going to suggest three simple ideas, which if you put into action will help you on your way to better golf. By: Michael McSweeney – Based in Limerick, Ireland, McSweeney Sports Surfaces install accredited sports surfaces for all indoor and outdoor sports applications such as soccer, rugby, GAA, tennis and hockey. 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