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Artificial intelligence to promote the transformation of the appliance industry in order to smooth? – home appliances – People’s original title: artificial intelligence to promote the transformation of the appliance industry in order to smooth? On the occasion of the opening of students, household electrical appliance enterprises have gradually drying out their own half year results, the overall situation is still in the doldrums. Black uneven performance, have a profit loss overall said of an aged person. The white big three, the United States, GREE showed different degrees of revenue decline, only Haier achieved revenue and profit growth in the PRC, in addition that the first half of 2016, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning industry retail sales were down 9.29%, 3.42%, 6.74%. In this case, many household electrical appliance enterprises in the product of positive measures to achieve intelligent leap. So listen to Lang appliances on the market almost everywhere, some are not stained with the "smart" two words. But the household electrical appliance enterprises "flooding", and did not let the smart appliances truly usher in the spring, but in praised situation. The industry generally believes that the current smart product gimmick is greater than the actual difficulties. Appliance industry intelligence dilemma, in fact, many companies fall into their own set of intelligent cycle. They believe that the product installed on the system and the development of a large number of applications, or the use of mobile phones to control appliances is intelligence, in fact, otherwise. Because of different protocols, these independent intelligent products can’t be connected with other products, not to mention the collaboration, deputy general manager of Changhong Technology Exhibition Center Huayi said, no synergistic effect of the Internet of things is not wisdom. That how the smart appliances of sensor and actuator effectively together, is no longer a lonely individual? Perhaps beauty initiatives can give you some inspiration at the beginning of August, the United States launched the "smart i+" series of products plan, make each appliance and equipment to achieve interoperability, interactive learning, and these are on the realization of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence research includes the robot, language recognition, image recognition, Natural Language Processing and expert systems, that is, artificial intelligence can not only allow home appliances to connect, but also to achieve human-computer interaction. A deeper level, the transformation of intelligent home appliances choose artificial intelligence is the trend. Industry insiders estimate that by 2018 the global artificial intelligence market is expected to reach 269 billion 730 million yuan, the compound growth rate of up to 17%. In addition, it also has been vigorously promoting the national policy level, the State Council issued the "13th Five-Year" National Science and technology innovation plan "in artificial intelligence is listed as key development areas. Therefore, the recent years of home appliance companies to embrace the news of artificial intelligence, such as Haier, GREE, Midea, Changhong, etc. in the use of artificial intelligence to promote the upgrading of products and production. Haier artificial intelligence robot director, team leader Li Hongyan said, artificial intelligence will provide to the field of home appliances business model of some new ways and new thinking, interoperability, multi sensor combined with big data, cloud computing can be further analyzed from the user behavior, and accurate information mining and recommendation. He pointed out that based on this can even upgrade the traditional home appliance sales as a long-term, intelligent service model. And now, how to help artificial intelligence相关的主题文章:

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