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Golf Callaway Golf is one of the most respected names in the golf industry for its quality of products that cater to both recreational and professionals alike. As part of its efforts to give its customers the best, be it with their products or services, the .pany has produced Callaway Golf Magazine and released its first issue early 2004. Just recently, last November 2005, the Custom Publishing Council (CPC) of New York Citys University Club made the magazine the Bronze Award winner for Best New Publication. The magazine is distributed to loyal customers, upscale golf clubs and key retailers free of charge and is also available online for downloading from the .panys website. The publication, with a distribution output of over 800,000 quarterly, has useful information not found in most golf consumer magazines. For one thing, Callaway Golf magazine features exclusive content such as interviews with Callaway Golf Staff Professionals. Michael Campbell, Phil Mickelson, and Annika Sorenstam are just some of the names that have been associated with Callaway. Aside from interviews and the information on Callaways latest offerings, the magazine also contains useful tips on golfing provided by none other than the .panys own staff professionals. In its first issue (February 2004) Annika Sorenstam featured tips on efficient swings. The Swedish Sorenstam tops the LPGAs list of the highest average driving distance with a yardage of 269.7 after making the ERC Fusion her driver of choice. A brief sampling of that feature (which you, too, can use for your own game) follows: 1. At address, Annika focuses primarily on good balance and .fort, with her whole body relaxed and tension-free. 2. Annika maintains the relationship formed between her club, hands, arms and shoulders, sweeping the club away low to the ground. 3. Annika rotates her upper body away from the target, while swinging her hands into a position directly above her right shoulder. 4. Annika drops the club into the hitting position while retaining her wrist angle. Her arms, shoulders and body release together. 5. At impact, the ball gets in the way of the club. The feeling is of collecting the ball as she releases her hands, arms and clubhead. 6. Annika points her right shoulder at the target and keeps her spine straight. Her key thought is .plete her follow-through. (From Callaway Golf Magazine ISSUE 1 FEBRUARY 2004) These tips along with other useful in-depth information on Callaways products (such as the Big Bertha Titanium 454 Driver or the HX golf balls with the hexagonal dimple system) all serve to present to its readers the exciting possibilities that Callaway can offer golfers of any level. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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