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Can not guess! Tan Jing wears a mask into a "sister Afanda" (Figure) – Shenzhen channel: original title: "sing" masked perfect ending "Afanda sister" is actually Tan Jing! With the end of the annual festival, a large music reality show "masked reasoning will sing" guess the last broadcast is completed, the majority of the audience is about to say goodbye to it. Viewing repeatedly won the harvest outside the industry praise the "masked" singing will come to an end, the audience reluctant to part. In this event, the ultimate mystery "Afanda sister Mami Tan Jing off her mask, the popularity of this season to sing Yoga Lin, and Yu Kewei Rainie Yang all in the first quarter of the encore," the Tramp "and" white Sha Baoliang prism "Hacken Lee also with warm feelings of" masked "home. "Sister Afanda" Tan Jing shock of exposing the surface this season the biggest mystery finally announced "sing" masked gorgeous star studded ceremony, show the biggest mystery in the open, the jury stumped guess and the general audience of netizens "sister Afanda" was finally revealed, she is the singer Tan Jing. "Wearing masks, others give up awareness for you before, not to your reputation and status of the hero, I think it is a musical with the strength to exchange with you a platform, a special stage of pure music." For the first time to participate in such a variety of music show, Tan Jing said "music" is the reason she came. From the first stage to the last stage of the festival period, exposing the surface, "Afanda’s sister" God will sing the "masked" through the identity of the mystery. For three weeks by guess, "sister Afanda" singing voice, change unpredictably caused heated debate, a "boom track" on the Internet, "Afanda sister" who is?" The program has become one of the last festival webcast rehearsals ask most of the questions, from first to last to maintain a high heat, "sister Afanda" is undoubtedly one of the season "masked" the most representative figures. A perfect disguise, "sister Afanda" the myriads of changes were actually afraid of "betrayed" when, "I saw some people say that I am standing, indeed we are after military training, may stand there is a straight feeling, t step." Through the masked closer to the audience and the distance, Tan Jing said that in the future want to do some ethnic, original music and pop fusion of exploration, hoping to attract more young listeners. The audience was collective choice "stay" into the festival "melon cat" is Sa Dingding in the ceremony finished moving exposing the surface. "There are Sa Dingding in the sky, the ground has a melon cat." Peel the label, Sa Dingding excited, "" melon cat "let me once again to know whether love songs, rock, Michael, or world music, as long as you are happy, as long as it is yours, you can embrace it, so all this belongs to me." "The Tramp" to return to hometown "masked" stage Sha Baoliang return along with "Afanda sister opened" stage and the identity of the mystery reach the acme of perfection, "sing" masked the curtain down. In the first quarter of the same "masked", as the iconic "Tramp" Sha Baoliang at the ceremony in the Encore will bring to the audience a great surprise and moved. "Last year in the" masked "heavy相关的主题文章:

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