Celebrity Gossip Is On My List Of Things To Give Up In New Year-innawoods

Humor If you are anything like me, you cannot live without your celebrity gossip headlines, and you hang onto every word that you may read on a website, hear about on a radio or see on television. You know that some of what is being reported is not true, but in your mind, you have made it a reality so therefore it makes the news true. When Chris Brown and Rihanna were going through their personal issues, I would jump from website to website to see if I can be kept up to date about what was happening with the young couple as they tried to work things out. The celebrity gossip surrounding the pair had become unbearable at some point, but I still found myself listening to, reading and talking about the situation as if I were involved in their problems myself. Is there a point where it is not OK to spread celebrity gossip? In my opinion, it is when it will affect families and children. While sometimes, there is no protecting your family because you are famous, I know that the celebrities should do what they must at all cost to protect their families…just ask Kanye West, who has found himself having to protect his baby, North West, and his lady, Kim Kardashian, at all cost. The two would likely not be so popular if it were not for the celebrity gossip which was fueling headlines about the new parents. In 2014, I have made a resolution which includes me not giving into the headlines of celebrity gossip. I will keep going, when I see headlines about celebrities, so that I can get my life back to a sense of normalcy without being sucked into this crazy life of people which I do not even know, nor have I ever had interaction with. For now, I am still going to check out the headlines, because I want to know what is happening in the celebrity gossip arena, and I am willing to make sure that I keep the culture going at least until I reach the beginning of the year, and find myself having to give up the sick indulgence which I have for celebrity gossip and everything which is sensational about it. I know that it will be hard, but I also know it will be incredibly worth it right? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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