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Chinese foundation of "going out" stones Lu Bo: the future will be the world fund director and the secretary general, non profit organization management, China charity "going out" to the different stages of "China philanthropist": you are in the "good world" which put the foundation of "going out" is divided into five levels, funds, personnel, projects, institutions, domestic brands, the realization of the five level all go out of the foundation of what? Lu Bo: according to my research, strictly do this five aspects all go out of the fund is currently no, most only in one of the one or two level to achieve zero breakthrough. Capital to go out relatively easily, such as foreign disaster, fund donations for disaster relief personnel; go out mainly refers to a foreign resident executive project staff, Chinese children’s foundation, Chinese foundation for poverty alleviation, China youth development foundation to do this; "going out" project relates to the field of more extensive international exchanges, such as the Song Qingling foundation China year to carry out international youth exchange business projects, such as Chinese academic research foundation set up in the United States at Rutgers University China Research Center, such as poverty alleviation China poverty alleviation fund "in the horn of Africa drought" projects; institutions to go out, for example the children’s foundation in 2006 Chinese branch "Chinese children’s charity" was founded in London in 2015 Chinese foundation for poverty alleviation in Burma set up the first Overseas office. The best embodiment of the foundation is the maturity of the brand go out, China to date, in the field of charity, there is no one brand in the world rang. I also included several funds will go out the brand project in "good world" this book, such as the China foundation for poverty alleviation "maternal and child" project, China Youth Development Fund "project hope in Africa" project, Chinese peace and development foundation of Burma, Mongolia, "Sino Soviet friendly bright line project so, these projects are doing well, relative to form a brand, but there is a certain distance from popular brand. How do you evaluate the "going out" of China foundation for poverty alleviation in China: in the foundation of our country, they are at the leading level in "going out". China’s poverty alleviation fund "go out" consciousness is very early, in 2007 put forward the internationalization strategy, is our country put forward the strategy of the first foundation. In terms of implementation is also very strong, their staff told me, a few years ago when the disaster relief donations overseas has received accused of abuse or even call that domestic relief is not good, should not donate money to foreign countries, they are under great pressure, still adhere to the "going out". In addition, I feel that their foreign offices do two years accumulate steadily, more grassroots, popular, in-depth local people’s living habits, this is very difficult. For example, the foundation has a program to do health training for local people in Nepal, one of which is to use 15 minutes to teach them how to wash their hands. Prior to the foundation staff learned that the local people are always sick, life is not long, I guess they may have studied the problem of hand washing is a particularly important reason. Through observation, find.相关的主题文章:

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