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Chinese train "sit" train out of the country into Argentina (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Taiyuan, October 8, (Ren Lina) Taiyuan Railway Bureau news release said 8, the Bureau of transportation mode and Zhongche Taiyuan Locomotive Co. Ltd. first cooperation by train train shipment, a batch of railway freight transport to the port. Finally to Argentina. 7, train 39 cars loaded with 70002 meter gauge gravel car from the TaiYuan North Railway Station in Taiyuan Railway Bureau is 3 north four field issued this batch manufactured by Chinese Zhongche Limited by Share Ltd will "take" railway freight train to Tianjin port, and then shipped out of the country, eventually arrived in Argentina. Cargo inspector check cargo loading and securing device. Photo by Bai Bo according to the Taiyuan Railway Bureau official introduction, 2014, China and Argentina signed a bilateral agreement Belgrano railway financing, Chinese will provide products for Argentina locomotive and wagon Belgrano railway reconstruction project, the shipment of 39 cars meter gauge gravel car is a part of the contents of the agreement. In mid September this year, the Taiyuan Railway Bureau for Argentina transportation requirements of the tight deadline, making Zhongche group Taiyuan rail equipment Co. Ltd. the metre gauge stone ballast car using single car highway transportation cannot meet deadline requirements, Taiyuan Railway Bureau, the marketing department organization of TaiYuan North Railway Station initiative and enterprise contact, negotiate and reach the railway transportation. Compared with the way that a car can be transported to the port to be re loaded, the transportation can save nearly 13 of the time. A train to Argentina. Photo by Bai Bo Taiyuan Railway Bureau relevant responsible person said, in the country "The Belt and Road" strategy, continue to play their own advantages of railway industry, the railway enterprise win-win cooperation, not only to ensure that the Chinese manufactured goods have arrived in time for the South American market, railway creates the effect of more than 62 yuan. (end)相关的主题文章:

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