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The platform officially launched   Chongqing science and technology resource sharing; sharing platform will be officially launched in the first national science and technology talents, science and technology finance into the sharing platform of Joe Yu   shared 7 drawing resources — Chongqing window — Chongqing science and technology resources;     for innovation and entrepreneurship for resources is difficult, difficult, difficult to use the selected resource resources etc. the problem, in October 8th, City Commission announced that, after upgrading a year, officially launched the Chongqing science and technology resources sharing platform. At present, the city has basically formed an online network platform, the line of service carriers, professional services, policy and institutional arrangements, one of the four science and technology resources sharing service system. In recent years, with the continuous increase in the scale of scientific research facilities and instruments, coverage areas continue to expand, the utilization and sharing of the problem is not high. Part of the scientific research facilities and equipment redundant construction and purchase, the presence of the Department, the unit, the trend of personalization, idle waste phenomenon is more serious, professional service capabilities to be improved. Nine plenary session of the four session of the municipal Party committee issued "on deepening reform and opening up and accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy put forward opinions", "sharing service platform system formed covering the scientific research equipment, research facilities, scientific data, scientific literature, materials science and technology resources". To this end, Chongqing has been in accelerating the upgrading of science and technology resources sharing platform at the same time, City Commission recently also with the Municipal Finance Bureau, the City Commission, city human social security bureau, City Bureau formulated the "measures for the administration of science and technology resources sharing in Chongqing" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), promote scientific research facilities and instruments of science and technology resources further open to the community, improve the utilization rate of resources of science and technology. According to reports, sharing platform (website:) the current integration of large scale scientific instruments, scientific and technological personnel, scientific and technical literature, research and development base, science and technology and science, 7 aspects of natural science and technology resources sharing of resources. The opening of large scientific instruments sharing is the focus of the integration of the city colleges, institutes and enterprises 106 units, the value of more than 200 thousand yuan in 3031 sets of instruments and equipment; in the literature of science and technology resources, the integration of Chongqing University, Southwestern University and other 8 units of more than 140 Chinese and foreign language database, 320 million science and technology literature data, at the same time the new China Wanfang, CNKI, DRCnet and other resources 40TB. Science and technology talent, technology finance into a shared platform, which is the first time in the country." Deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said Xu Qing, for example, in science and technology talent resources sharing platform, gathered outside the city enterprises, universities, research institutes and other units of the human resources in science and technology more than 110 thousand. In accordance with the provisions of the "measures", or the formation of financial funds at all levels funded the construction of scientific and technological resources, in addition to the classified and special restrictions, must be incorporated into the sharing platform of open sharing, while the formation of non fiscal funds for the construction of scientific and technological resources also encourage community oriented open sharing. It is reported that, at present, the use of mobile Internet sharing platform, big data and cloud computing technology, has the resources of science and technology information services, inspection services, online document sharing service, free expert advisory services, science and technology of e-government, "one-stop" service)相关的主题文章:

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