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Comment on "water" donkey: ten thousand knife "blue water" donkey Zhao Miaowen Sina entertainment news "water" ass Movie taglines rare true and accurate "a joke, you can cry", the first half of the film is the second half of Zeman is wanton madness, black crazy. It is hard to imagine a happy twist into the big screen second works is a tragic story so thoroughly, it is nothing new, it China in modern history has staged many times, a group of people for a noble purpose together, once one mixed with desires, someone must choose to give up the principle of compromise and dirty and they only endless. The movie is set in the era of the Republic of China in 1942, the northwest, happy twist in order to team full of irony allegorize expression is placed in a security context, seeking a security background and the audience exchange social information which is to solve all kinds of problems in the development of film. A modification of China farmers desire evil university teacher with his students and friends came to the daughter of poor occlusion of the northwest, as far away from the water, had to buy a donkey carrying water, and donkey funding has not been approved by the Ministry of education, the headmaster idea created a teacher to asses out of the water. Suddenly, the Ministry of education came to inspect, he called to see the donkey water. Then it is endless madness, and finally a deep and broken heart. The main film comedy plot also concentrated in the first half part of this camouflage, and the audience informed people without the knowledge of the hearts of the audience have always camouflage. As the drama of donkey water has been successfully performed for many years, the film version of the core actors are also from the drama version. After years of grinding, story and performance naturally no doubt. This is a very symbolic story, and every character has his. Once you in a man of Pei Kuishan because of her attitude towards specific random eventually became addicted to money, such as life and cold-blooded, originally the blood after a series of twists and turns the lost many principles, but also with a warm in. The blood of Zhou Tienan finally realized his righteous indignation in the face of a weakness into WTO. A piece of love of freedom after the retaliation of "slut shaming mind only fear, finally could not that many ugly, a gun will stay in the ideal world of fantasy. Even than Zhou Tienan innocent and sincere Allison eventually chose to leave, to go to Yanan to find his brother and the fair. Whether it is positive or head broken and bleeding into the world from the world happy hit, but also some things in the lost self-esteem, Zhou Tienan looked at the deep love Allison home, he has only to know her disdain, quietly put a box full of her love of the ball in her car. A variety of colors. The details of the film can be remembered, because it touched the soft place. Unlike Sherlock’s troubles, it is a genuine satirical comedy, both for the corrupt bureaucracy and for the Chinese people. The multi group image generation satire director, three primary school office is the rain temple, after relying on a donkey to water let the coppersmith made grants, they put the rain gods out of the classroom, outdoor month)相关的主题文章:

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