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NDRC spokesman told China: development and reform story is the bounden duty of – Beijing, Beijing, November 5 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Xu Jing) national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin held in Shanghai on the 5 day of the Chinese spokesman forum said that the news public opinion work to achieve the ideal effect, there must be a multi level, multi channel effects of periodic reports. Among them, should grasp the degree of effectiveness, the establishment of media channels and media relations, the content will be effectively spread out. The same day, CO sponsored by the Information Office of the State Council and the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong spokesman Chinese forum held in Shanghai, Zhao Chenxin to "grasp the degree of efficiency, good development and reform story" in the title, made a keynote speech. When it comes to news media coverage cycle, Zhao Chenxin with the net red, for example, said Fu Yuanhui, even if it seems like this overnight, the network has become a red, but also experienced the spread of the cycle of. Zhao Chenxin explained that grasp the degree of effectiveness, the so-called, I understand the timing, cycle and rhythm. On the government’s public opinion, the timing can be divided into two categories. One is the active release, positive exposition, the timing of the initiative in my choice. The other is a passive response, to dispel misunderstanding, timing is a window period, transient." He believes that the two may be transformed into each other, to take the initiative to publish enough material, do well, there is a small probability of negative public opinion; negative public opinion timely, effective, and often can create opportunities for positive release, provide conditions. Therefore, when we grasp the initiative, do not let down, careful planning, careful preparation, strict implementation; when we are faced with a crisis, hand to plan, make a prompt decision, take time for." As a spokesman for the national development and Reform Commission, Zhao Chenxin said at the same time do a good job in the development and reform work, do everything possible to talk about the development and reform of the story, is his bounden duty sacred mission. "To be loved with people, make our content more down to earth, more popular," into the brain, into the heart ", formed a real impact on the audience." Zhao Chenxin said.相关的主题文章:

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