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Dongfeng popular SX6: 2+2+3 and high ground clearance on the line – this is the car driving Sohu hsupai from the original article, writer Zhang meesters. Driving index: 65 points this year, in order to produce MPV based independent brand car prices have become popular since the launch of the SUV, such as Changan commercial CX70, Dongfeng popular SX6, Dongfeng scenery of 580, etc.. The market understanding of this kind of product has 3 main points: 1, based on the original MPV products, the changes made to increase the chassis, appearance, internal control, and used to like, no substantive change much; 2, to maintain the original MPV price range, or slightly increased slightly; 3, conform to the SUV wave, because the market is long-term to Wuling "Van" and "new era of independent MPV more boutique equated" ownership in increasingly large, generally MPV to consumers with cheap feeling, but suddenly after SUV, people feel the grade of the vehicle has been raised. And such a model is of great significance? Is simply called SUV is more than MPV face? Or in the use of MPV and indeed there are segments? In addition, the market rumors, this type of SUV is MPV ‘leather products’, there is no SUV at all, this is true, whether objective? In the field of popular Urumqi Tianshan drive SX6 to the East, just a chance to let me find the answer. In addition, due to the very short distance travel drive family feeling, but also a bit like many scenic city 10 dollars a "wild rental soliciting business, so there is a reference to the consumer behavior. 1, the appearance of the so-called pull skin SUV, this kind of products are actually both sides dip. On the one hand, the overall profile in addition to front slightly flat outside and bodiless MPV really like; on the other hand, high ground clearance, and surrounded by anti Guaceng baffle will give people the impression of pure SUV. According to this logic, in the popular MPV camp in the east to find the car SX6 Mousika, will find S500. But in essence, the difference between the two big car, S500 warm elegance, a housekeeper and image; SX6 will be tough, 19.5cm the minimum ground clearance means the chassis is higher, the body also appears larger, body rotation rich hardness, 17 inch wheels are also larger than the S500 no, a strong image. The head design of SX6 is the most beautiful part, honest, grille, chrome handle fullness and make people feel more powerful, more beautiful just perfect. The back door is normal side rather than the front and rear side MPV, C column is not wide swollen, but glass made larger, either from the outside or inside, the visual effect than the large C column case much more beautiful. From the angle of 90 degrees around the C column is the tail gate, go straight up in a clean manner, style, distinctive taillights, transverse stretch into a whole, is to do a modification for a large area of the whole body of the monotone paint. 2, the compartment – SX6 inside the car is a MPV and I相关的主题文章:

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