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Arts-and-Entertainment I always found it extremely annoying looking at sexy car images in the magazines, at the dealerships, and the real thing at some of the world’s biggest and best car shows… and not knowing how to replicate them so I could quickly and easily draw a car for personal use as a poster or t-shirt design. When I first started drawing cars, I was totally clueless on the correct methods to use, and needless to say… my car images where a .plete mess with proportions way out off whack and random lines in all the wrong places. Let me tell you, I wasted an embarrassing amount of hours trying to draw a car that looked realistic… to no avail! So in my quest to draw the perfect car, I ventured online to find some free guides that claimed to be have the answers. Slowly but surely my technique on how to draw a car improved slightly, but by no means did these free guides share the secrets that I needed to learn in a clear an concise manner. Still struggling, and now somewhat stressed at my failed attempts… I once again searched far and wide for a step by step guide that actually worked. The bad news is that I had many failed attempts and tried to learn using bogus guides that were .pletely useless, and should be permanently deleted from the internet as not to waste any more time on car drawing techniques. By no means am I, or want to be called an expert in the field… but I have learnt so much and have learned the right way to draw a car, that if I can do it as a .plete beginner, you can do it too! .mon Mistakes And Tips On How To Draw A Car As mentioned above, it can and does take a long time to learn how to draw a car that looks realistic if you have no idea on how to do it the right way. The following are some quick tips to get you started right away, improving your basic knowledge on things you should keep in mind when drawing cars. It’s fairly simple stuff once you know it, so read carefully and pay attention! Having the right tools is essential. Make sure you have a good set of pencils, in different intensities, and sharpened, ready to go. If you want to create the beautiful contrasts between the metallic paint and dark rubber tyres, then you will need a variation of pencils to do the trick. If you try drawing a car with just one type of pencil as I did when I first started, you’ll luck out and feel pretty stupid quick smart. The next often overlooked tip relates to your work station. Now I know it’s not work, and just a fun hobby for me… but where you draw a car plays greatly on the finished image. You need a nice and sturdy surface such as a table or desk with good lighting, so get off the couch and dedicate an area for drawing cars just as an architect does for drawing plans, trust me on this one. Proportions where one of the hardest areas for me at first, and if you don’t get them right, well… your image just looks horrible. This was because I didn’t realize how important it is to use grids when learning how to draw a car. Once I started using a grid to systematically work square by square, I managed to draw my desired car much quicker, and with much more precision than I ever thought was possible. Using a grid will also allow you to get some great perspective! One thing I had up my sleeve was patience through many failed attempts, but even that started wearing thin as my dream of drawing realistic cars like the pros kept slipping further and further way from me. My biggest mistake was throwing the images away, as opposed to working on my "bad image" until it was that "perfect image" that I was striving for. Fixing lines, shading areas, and other little touch ups are just part off the process… just keep the end in mind and work towards making your image look fantastic, the results are worth every minute. Just like building a house, drawing a car is a systematic process. The first thing you need to do is create the foundation for what’s to .e, so initially an outline of the body in a very light shade of pencil is all you need. Then you may progress to using the grid system to refine your image, and then further proceed to using heavy lines and shading to finish your car and make it really stand out and "pop". One step at a time in the right order is all it takes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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