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Eleven cats and dogs playing cards – three Jingdong Sohu technology catsanddogs, as to who is superior, the consumer is the final judge of double 11 war. The media reported the | November 8th training camp Gao Chunliang although the double eleven is not only Ali game, but one of the most interesting is Ali and Jingdong launched the "cats and dogs". Compared to Ali campaign carnival, the Jingdong was more rational. At the same time, in order to avoid the normal operations, the Jingdong will take circuitous tactics, in the 3C and super flex its muscles. Rational shopping cards warmth in November 8th, suning.com’s long-awaited "allure laughter" was finally unveiled. Xinhuanet.com reported in the city, the Internet is false, the force of the millennium, a millennium move away……" To describe the macro scene. Ali and the same camp also eager for a fight, the first is the level of "International Fashion Week show that buy a global trend in the upcoming festival, the" double 11 Spring Festival, Ma personally goings said, double 11 of consumers and businesses to buy holiday, happy, happy to sell, map is a happy and happy. For the consumer, business platform, filling the supernatural play everything. This year compared to Ali entertainment and Suning across the line, the Jingdong is playing the warmth card, "in 1111, I was in your side" as the theme of the propaganda picture show, express delivery scene travel over land and water distribution. At the same time, no longer follow the previous low price promotion model, but will be through the good stuff cheap, extreme service and smart experience three initiatives to guide consumers rational shopping. According to Analysys report, 2016 eleven from the double blind impulse consumption transition to rational consumption plan, showing a new feature weight plan, demand, service, brand and value etc.. Although rational consumption is worth promoting, but the impulse is the devil, in the carnival atmosphere, the biggest enemy is the consumer’s own heart. After all the major electricity supplier platform which can win, exhaust all the skills, depends on consumer sentiment. 3C into the main battlefield earlier, Jingdong mall said, whether it is 618 or double 11, whether it is a line or a 46 market, 3C’s home bound in Jingdong. Jingdong 3C started to Su Ning; and then expand the category, encroaching dangdang. Although the implementation of category strategy, you can expand the market, but with Suning Ali cooperation, Jingdong 3C business will be affected? It is understood that the 3C Division has signed, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Haman, music, etc., including nearly a hundred companies joined the war double 11, while using a package of solutions. The launch of explosive products and manufacturers of customized products, warehousing, distribution and customer service in one. In addition, for mobile phone products, consumers can enjoy the 20 price guarantee service, in order to eliminate consumer concerns about the price. In addition to product protection, Jingdong 3C marketing also played a variety of brand racing, crazy 2 hours etc.. For the 3C battlefield, Jingdong launched the product, marketing and service multi-dimensional war. !相关的主题文章:

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