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Equity pledge or the new direction of the end of the financial assets of the Internet – Sohu financial 2016 Internet banking really entered the first year of regulation, the most stringent supervision of the strong landing so that the Internet financial industry to accelerate into the shuffle. "13 prohibitions" to reduce the business space of the platform, so that the lack of adequate quality assets become more scarce. Under the supervision of the first year and the quality of assets under the dual pressure of assets, how to break the deadlock in the realization of assets to break through? This has become a topic of common concern to the industry. The floor of the new deal, to break into the platform platitude as assets gold industry reshuffle continued in-depth, asset transformation of net loan platform has gradually become the trend. Consumer finance, supply chain finance, disposal of non-performing assets, equity pledge has become a breakthrough direction, causing the platform to test the water. Professor Pei Ping, director of the Institute of international finance management vice president, Business School of Nanjing University, said that in order to realize the breakthrough of Internet banking, must change from the management idea, with big data thinking and implementation of blue ocean strategy and the importance of the long tail market three aspects of his ideas and thinking innovation. Reporters learned from a number of people in charge of the mutual gold platform, shrinking personal financial business, to expand efforts to develop good assets for the industry to deal with the general practice of shuffling. Point melting network CEO Guo Yuhang revealed that this year is more focused on the acquisition of the asset side, will be launched on the basis of electronic business platform for online transaction data approval loan products. Fan Zhongmin, chairman of the micro gold, told reporters that the platform will be based on the existing product plus push three new board equity pledge products, test the waters of the three new board company equity pledge financing. The new board of equity pledge project or difficult transition in the strict supervision of the Xinxuan and mutual fund industry, is another field is fast. This year, three new board equity financing scale of the company ushered in explosive growth. Data show that as of August 19th, a total of 863 new board companies have occurred in the case of equity pledge financing from 1312, compared with the same period last year rose sharply. Which is different from the previous bank control, some recent mutual gold platform to expand resources are also involved. Ying Chan Consulting Senior Researcher Zhang Yexia told reporters frankly, in the regulators allowed, three new board equity pledge business has great potential for development, the future will also have more platform to try to develop this asset. Analysis of industry professionals, three new board listed company projects with equity pledge endorsement of credit, credit rating is high, and the product cycle is short, generally the purchase threshold is low, the micro gold’s new line of three new board equity pledge product as an example, the asset side docking in domestic market three new board, excellent performance of the enterprise, ranging from products period of 3-12 months, the product yield of about 7%-10.5%. Wind control + strength into the necessary conditions in addition to the product itself, the new three board equity pledge business on the platform itself also raised a number of requirements. According to the analysis of industry professionals, to the pledge of shares of Internet financial platform must have two conditions: one is the platform strength, capable of docking quality three new board enterprise resources; two risk control team is tough, accurate valuation of enterprise financing, and establish strict risk control system, to prevent all kinds of risks. .相关的主题文章:

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