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Haikou Customs Organization ZhuCan donated   raised 253499 yuan, people.com.cn Hainan window — people.com.cn people.com.cn Haikou Hainan windows on 30 September, September 30th, the Haikou Customs Organization "every one yuan ZhuCan obvious love" donation ceremony, to the Hainan Provincial Federation of the disabled pre donation 253499 yuan donation. Haikou customs party secretary, director Lv Weihong, party secretary, chairman of the provincial federations, Provincial Disabled Foundation Chairman Fu Yong and Haikou customs customs officers attended. The cause of the disabled is a noble humanitarian cause, which is a social cause and a livelihood project that needs special humane care. Lv Weihong kept asking for all customs officers learning disabled groups to overcome difficulties and the courage to struggle, actively realize the value of life and quality will, spirit and feelings show vigorously carry forward the tradition and the donor activities, to support the disabled groups in our province to achieve a love of self-sufficiency, and promote accurate poverty alleviation work dedication of the customs. In February this year, Haikou customs to "love miles into the Haikou customs" as the theme, to the disabled people in our province to donate money and love to buy sale items totaling 54913 yuan, and the "day one yuan ZhuCan obvious love donation, love is a continuation of the customs, but also to disabled people, unremitting self-improvement efforts the realization of self value encouragement. In recent years, Haikou customs has always been the concern and support of public welfare undertakings, the establishment of volunteer service teams, regularly carry out condolences to the elderly, help volunteer service activities, mentally retarded orphans and disabled children; the establishment of customs authorities and the Sanya, eight customs 3 poor working group, stationed 2 designated in dry village, a village synchronous connection to promote the "one to one" twinning helping culture poverty alleviation, infrastructure construction, agricultural support and other key projects, this year a total investment funds more than 30 yuan, in Hainan province to the poverty alleviation work advanced unit "title. (Wu Tianbin Wang Haiyun Geng Xiao Yi) (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章:

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