Heavy snow hit Xinjiang caused more than 1500 passengers have been trapped in a safe transfer – Sohu jodie foster

Heavy snow hit Xinjiang caused more than 1500 passengers trapped in the safe transfer of Sohu – Xinhua news agency in Urumqi in October 28 (Xinhua Du Gangyi Tsinghua) more than 1500 passengers due to dump heavy snow trapped national Altun Mountain 315 line in the territory of Xinjiang Ruoqiang County, the highway management department 16 hours of struggling to rescue, 28, 14 Xu have all been transferred to safe areas. Xinjiang Korla Highway Management Bureau of Altun Mountain Branch staff Aili Xilifu, Mai Maiti? 27, 22 PM, Ruoqiang County in the Altun Mountain dump heavy snow, poor visibility, traffic congestion, a large number of vehicles and passengers stranded. In order to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel of the local police department G315 line K1281 to K1409 section (Ruoqiang county according to swallow Braque to the Hongliugou export) two-way closed. The Altun Mountain Bureau immediately launched the emergency traffic in winter snow emergency plan, rushed out to the vehicles trapped in sections of snow removal operations, into the rescue machinery of 4 vehicles, rescue and security staff of more than 20 people. After 16 hours of rescue, trapped more than more than 1500 passengers, the car was at 28 on the more than and 800 day was transferred to the safety zone of 14. As of 23, K1281 K1409 has been to clear the snow, but snow or lower and lower, two-way closed has not been released. The G315 line to Xinjiang in the west of Kashi, east of Qinghai Xining, Ruoqiang County in the territory for the high altitude mountain road, mountain in the winter and spring temperature is very low, the traffic is very vulnerable to snow weather.相关的主题文章:

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