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The massive Henan gold project responsible person: have the funds to do more at Tongbai mountain large gold released information, the large gold deposit was found in the land and Resources Department of Henan province in mid September this year, experts on the Tongbai gold and silver polymetallic ore exploration. Henan, Tongbai mountain found a large gold, 105 tons of gold, can be dug for 80 years, the potential value of $25 billion news recently sparked heated debate in the industry. Enjoy the "Central Plains granary" reputation of Henan, is committed to re create a "resource granary", the message is coded for this vision. Henan gold industry started in 1975, the symbol of the formal production of Henan gold mine in Qinling Mountains. "2016 Henan gold and silver Yearbook" data shows that in 2015 the national gold mineral gold production of 379.42 tons, 38.97 tons of production in Henan Province, ranking second in the country, has for 32 consecutive years to maintain the position of the second stage of gold province. Henan’s gold production is mainly concentrated in Luoyang, Songxian, Sanmenxia, Tongbai, Nanyang lingbao. At present, Tongbai mountain large gold released information, the large gold deposit is in the land and Resources Department of Henan province in mid September this year, experts found on the Tongbai gold and silver polymetallic ore integrated exploration, gold deposit is located in the deep and periphery of old Tongbai Bay Hill Tongbai County gold mine, newly discovered gold resources is 104 thousand and 960 kilograms, the amount of associated silver resources is expected to 122 thousand and 38 kilograms, the potential economic value of 25 billion yuan. In addition to the discovery of large gold mines, but also found a large number of natural alkali, lead and zinc mineral resources. In fact, the news had previously published a low-key low-key in the professional media. In August this year, the Ministry of land and resources "China newspaper" has reported the new gold Laowan gold ore resources of 100 tons, 80 years life extension. But that didn’t cause much attention. With the follow up after the central broadcasting network, the outside world is to focus on the eyes of this resource has been on the verge of depletion of the old bay gold mine. According to the surging news understood the Laowan gold ore was discovered by a new "Henan province old bay Tongbai County gold deep and periphery of the pre inspection project (hereinafter referred to as the" project ") to carry out. Recently, the surging news linked to the project leader Chen Jianli, trying to piece together the new appearance of this large gold mine. Chen Jianli is currently the Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral exploration and Development Bureau of the first Geological Exploration Institute Professor high engineering, geology four team captain. The blind ore body: the deep gold mine of the old bay gold mine is an important part of the gold and silver metallogenic belt of Tongbai Dabie Mountain (North Slope). It is 20 km long from the east to the west, and the width of the north and south is about 1.5 km ~ ~ 2.5 km. It is a gold polymetallic metallogenic belt, which is dominated by Au (gold) mineralization, associated with Cu (Cu), Mo (MO), Pb (PB), Zn (Zn), Ag (Ag). Tongbai mountain is located in the mountainous region of Southern Henan of the western part of the administrative divisions under the Tongbai County, Tanghe County, Biyang County, the three counties belong to Nanyang city. According to Chen Jianli description, the old bay gold exploration had experienced three up and down three". The discovery of clues in the last century in 70s, and in 80s officially mining. Since 40 years of exploration, discovery of the old bay and 2 medium-sized SHANGSHANGHE gold deposit and xiahuangzhuyuan small silver lead zinc polymetallic deposit, later found in the north, nine – Yangzhuang area of rock slope.相关的主题文章:

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