How Large Should I Keep My Page File

Computers-and-Technology I have researched this broadly. I have a 6 gbs of triple channel RAM, and a 120gb Ocz Vertex 2 SSD, thus I was confused that shall I keep some amount of page files for my machine or the RAM that I have is sufficient for the machine, and if suppose I decided to put it, how large it should be ? and do I keep it by default or shall I change it as per my convenience. Though I have a good rid of my machine do I need to keep those page files, I am confused about that, can anyone suggest me? Thanks. Whatever the rig you are talking about is good I would say, even if you dont keep those page files you may not bother regarding the memory. 6 GBs is enough memory for handling the CPU utilization, but though if you keep some amount of memory, this would surely help you with the performance. I have experienced that, I mean to say I dont have this much RAM, just 2 GB of RAM in my machine, thus I have set the page files for all the drives in my machine. Yeah you can have some amount of page files, I hope you know that I to keep those files, and see for the drive that you are planning to keep page files, you have to make it according to their usage. If suppose you have a three drives in your machine and one of them contains lots of data, then obviously you should give it more amount of page files. And would suggest you the same like you should keep some amount of page files. As you have mentioned I think this is not enough actually, how many drives you have in your machine? according to that you should keep the page files. I have heard like we should have generally 2 times of main memory. In fact what so funny in this is like I am not able to understand this ratio, but you can simply set it by yourself, I mean to say according to you convenience. If you ever find it on the internet you would always get different answer for the same. Hey thanks friends for immediate replies, and really I would say I am completely agree with the above user, as I have tried to find out about this on many websites, but didnt found any appropriate answer for these. And sorry I just forget to give the further details, ok let me tell you right now, as I have 3 drive in my machine 30, 30 and 60 respectively. And thats funny as I am asking about the page files but I dont know how to set them, I would like if you suggest me that also. Now this is good, I would say you set it manually, rather than keeping it by default through the system managed sized. While you were setting up this page size you can have three options there like custom size, system managed size and the third one is No paging file. You have to chose custom size for that, and as soon as you select the drive it will show you the maximum limit, and you should put that much only. I would say you should set the custom size for one drive only thats the 60Gb one, for that you should keep 5000 MB for page file, and select the system managed size for other drives, and for making this changes select my computer and right click on that and select the system properties and after that select the advanced tab in that, you will find the frame called performance, thus from that select the setting and then the advanced tab again, where youll find the options for About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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