How To Find Affordable Health Individual Insurance Outside Of Your Employer Options!

Insurance Like mony other Americans, I was employed with a .pany I had worked for for several years. This employer offered Medical, Health, Dental and Vision Benefits, as most do. Getting what I thought was ‘Great coverage’ I gave up a portion of my Paycheck every two weeks to be Insured by this certain Group Insurance .pany. All was fine and dandy until, after many years with this .pany, I was laid-off. These days this kind of story is not unheard of, but maybe this next part is. Like many other laid-off workers I was offered Cobra Medical which would let me keep my Heath Insurance by paying the premiums myself. When I got the offer in the mail I was SHOCKED, to say the least, with how much I was going to have to pay to keep my Health Insurance! It was WELL over $400! And keep in mind, I was single and Healthy. What a rip off! It was at this time that I decided there had to be other options for me. I couldn’t just sit around and be uninsured. I could not afford to pay for medical bills on my own, as they are far more outrageous than even the $400 monthly premium being offered to me. Thus I because on my quest for Affordable Health Individual Insurance. I started Googling for .panies in my State that would give me some quick estimate quotes. What this resulted in was about 875489 different .panies (Yes, I am exaggerating) calling me daily and trying to get more information out of me. What I DIDN’T get was the ability to look at quotes from various .panies and .pare them before I .mitted to anything. Like most people, I didn’t want to talk to any pushy Sales Reps who were trying to sell me on an Insurance Product that was not right for me. I needed Affordable Health Individual Insurance that was right for MY needs, decided BY me, after doing my OWN looking around. Thank Goodness I didn’t give up though, cause after about a Month of Searching I ran into such a .pany. The .pany site boasted that it was the ONLY .pany online to offer this Side by Side Free and INSTANT .parison I was happy to finally be able to see some instant Health Insurance without paying anything or giving up too much of my info and time. I browsed through all of my options and was surprised to find out that most of the plans were Better and Cheaper than I had been paying through my Work!!! I didn’t look around before cause I assumed, like most people, that I was getting a better deal paying for the Group Insurance my work provided. I felt in a way that I had been ripped off and taken advantage of by my old Employer and Group Insurance Provider. I selected a new plan and filled out an application that was free. I was instantly contacted by a Well known Insurance .pany and had Health Insurance Coverage by the NEXT BUSINESS DAY! I was very impressed. I also purchased Dental Insurance and RX Insurance plans at the same time as they were super affordable. So, if any of you are in my shoes, please check out the link below to visit the Free site I found that let’s you .pare Health Insurance Side by Side, Free and with No Obligation to Purchase. If you are not in my shoes, check it out anyway! You might find out that you are overpaying through your Employer "Benefits". I wish I had found this out sooner, so do yourself a favor and visit this site today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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