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Travel-and-Leisure If your flights are often later in the day, it might not be too difficult to get a buddy or family member to drop you at the airport terminal. You will save on airport parking fees and most probably never run the risk of missing your flight. But this is not the only way you can do it. After all, a buddy or family member will not mind it if you do it once or twice. In Airports like Auckland International airport one has the luxury of on site and off-site park and fly Auckland services that are separate from the regular parking lots offered by the airport authorities. And though off-site sounds like any parking solution away from the airport, what is normally meant is parking solutions that are specially offered to air travelers and is often within three kilometers of the airport terminal. Many travelers like them because they are able to conserve money when you compare what they pay there and what they pay at the contemporary Auckland airport parking lots. With off-site parking lots, travelers get a shuttle service that ferries them from the parking to the terminal and back. They are often very comfortable and very similar to the planes interior. They only thing is that you dont get to be served food and you dont get to leave the ground. But that not all, there are also on-site Airport park and ride services ran by private companies that offer special parking rates among other services as well. Some have covered vehicle parking services where ones car is safely kept away from the weather and vandals. This option is often more expensive than offsite parking but may be preferable if you are traveling and returning at night and don’t want to deal with dust or de-icing your car during the cold months. Some of these vehicle parking solutions will also have a valet option, so you will only need to drive the car right to the air terminal and then a driver will take it to the parking area for you. In this case you won’t have to lag your bags from the vehicle parking lot or load them into or onto a shuttle. At some of the parking lots that are ran by private companies, the valet vehicle parking service may also include cleaning the car. Valet assistance also generally means that you’ll immediately be able to check-in at the terminal without any delay. These companies have also gone a step further and are allowing air-travelers to reserve parking spaces in advance by visiting their websites, calculating what it will cost them to park and even allowing them to pay for it. This is great as one only needs to get their direction right and they have a parking space waiting for them at the airport. They do not have to look for a buddy or family member to drop them at the airport anymore. If price is a concern, then they have a way to save through these parking companies as they offer discounts among other goodies for such air travelers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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