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The nursing students is protecting yourself for me first four year old fan Weien share "warm water frog" story, she told everyone, Ill have a fever to eat the earth, always slow global warming. Huang Dexin: "a little frog jumps into the pool to swim and swim, and then the water gets higher and higher, and the frog dies in the water." The four year old Vann speak like a child to share the "frog" story for everyone. The emcee asked her: "what is this pool like? Why does the water become hot?" Van Weien said: "the water like the earth, because the earth sick have a fever. So we will be a vegetarian thing, don’t eat meat."   in mid August, Fujian Xiamen Tzu Chi volunteers respectively in 10 days, 15 days and 17 days, in Xiamen city with Xike, Xiamen Siming District meditation meditation, Xiamen Lake Jingsi Bookstore three sites hosting the July auspicious Month activities, looking for more people to advocate faith, mindfulness, and good idea of vegetarian fasting the. Start protecting the environment not to burn paper money for the first three games I personally auspicious Month activities, all can to help Mr. money come up with "origin" burning money video at the same time, through the discussion of the "life of the invisible killer" video, as we uncover "what is PM2.5" mystery, let everyone know it. The origin and harm. PM2.5 also known as suspended particles, high concentrations of human inhaled PM2.5 will induce asthma attacks, may also cause lung cancer. These suspended particles from dust, industrial waste gas, burn incense and paper money. Through the video to let everyone aware of, in addition to the original paper money is a kind of superstition, burning process is a kind of pollution to the environment. Xiamen Lake Jingsi Bookstore volunteer Chen Zhihong, Zeng Yan said: "hearing people in Purdue, who is the most happy? Is the most happy people who sell paper money." This sentence reminded her, and Chen Zhihong started a vegetarian, vegetarian bye, do not burn paper money. At the beginning, the family does not understand, she borrowed the concept of karma to persuade them, let the family gradually understand, as long as the letter heart, every day will be auspicious. Establish your faith, then is the promotion of nursing students was advised, "Master Cheng Yen said video story" in the story, tell the candidates for see eel caught trafficking, bear in mind, then bought release, and his heart that cherish life, but also touched by the good fairy, too the merit scholarship. Vivid image of the story to remind everyone to respect life, such as protecting their lives, always cultivate good intentions. Video "the origin of paper money", "burning feet can make up about money, bring them back to life science stories. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Chen Liting) released not deliberately bought, but the hearts of a branch to sentient beings who suffer heart, all living beings are spiritual beings, see suffering, to revel a love of the heart of things, the German culture released. The emergency nursing students were too fast for the benefit of vegetarian witness, Xiamen Siming District regular at an four year old fan Weien and mother Chen Huijuan for everyone to share. Chen Huijuan had looked at a slaughter of cattle because of the documentary, I feel very cruel, originally very love to eat beef, she decided not to eat beef, then the family moved to Xiamen, she.相关的主题文章:

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