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Jilin University at the celebration of the 70 anniversary of the 500 thousand alumni around the world news agency Beijing – in September 16 Changchun Xinhua (reporter Li Yanguo) 16, Jilin University to celebrate its 70 anniversary. The principal of the school, China Academy of engineering, Li Yuanyuan said, "the young" Jilin University "talk and laugh with Ru", more than 50 alumni all over the world in various fields with China wisdom and strength Chinese. Jilin University, formerly known as the Northeast School of administration, was founded in 1946. After several twists and turns, renamed after the successful completion of the Department of adjustment in 1952, the Communist Party of China in the northeast to create and build a comprehensive university, in 1958 changed its name to Jilin University. After entering the new millennium, with the former Jilin University, Jilin Polytechnic University, Bethune Medical University, China people’s Liberation Army Quartermaster University of 6 universities, Jilin University jointly set up a new. Historically, Jilin University has trained a large number of outstanding talents. "Chinese geology father" Li Siguang and Zhu Guangya "," two bombs fathers "Chinese automobile industry pioneer Rao Bin", "northeast modern communications pioneer" Chen Xianzhou, "the Shanxi Chahar Hebei military region health main founder Jiang, IL" contemporary Paul "Zhang Haidi were all in the school work, learning. Li Yuanyuan introduces, at present, Jilin University always committed to innovation, a breakthrough in many areas of research. The world’s first lysine transgenic cloned cattle, China independently developed the first AIDS vaccine, the first liver resection after Chinese…… Kyrgyzstan adults be too numerous to enumerate "first" to fill the gaps in related fields at home and abroad. In addition, rabbit No. lunar, "crust-1" m rig "space into" national projects, both Jilin University team and play an important role. Li Yuanyuan said, Jilin University has a clear goal, namely building world-class university at the age of 100. China Vice Minister of education Du Zhanyuan said, as a comprehensive university in the northeast region of the layout of the country only to national construction, Jilin University Chinese in promoting higher education reform and development, plays an important role in the development of national and regional economic society, bear the important mission. His message to the Jilin University, a world-class university has China characteristics, to explore the construction of the world level, the characteristics of the times, the characteristics of kyrgyzstan. (end)相关的主题文章:

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