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Led China season   cast industry — the leading network in the thirteenth quarter ending to start a new journey – Anhui channel, people.com.cn October 9th, Murray at the awards ceremony for the trophy to celebrate. On the same day, in the 2016 China Open tennis men’s singles final, the British player Murray to victory over Bulgaria in the match of 2 to 0, won the championship. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Chenlin Xinhua Beijing October 9th sports news (reporter Wang Yong, Wang Ji, Xiao Yazhuo?) 2016 China Open tennis tournament, with the Rio Olympics champion Murray in the men’s singles and ended a successful summit. In the thirteenth year of the game, star studded, high level game, the audience gradually mature. After more than ten years of accumulation, China has not only become the Chinese first-class international tennis tournament, and has become a comprehensive tennis tournament level and the highest in Asia first prize. Ended 2016 the net, means that the new network will also start the cycle. Everything is full of expectations. In the season, led China look forward to pull the tennis industry chain of tennis is one of the world’s most influential occupation sports events, with the rise of China economy, and the rise of the number of tennis enthusiasts, especially in recent years, the sports industry Chinese positive constant, different levels of tennis tournament is one after another in Chinese intensive landing. In the 2014 season, China has set up more than a dozen WTA events, including the top 6 WTA and international events. In addition to the season at the head of the Shenzhen Open tennis tournament, the tournament at the end of the US, Hongkong, Guangzhou, were staged in Wuhan, Beijing and Tianjin, forming a unique from the south to the north, Zhou Zhou event "Chinese season". After more than two years of practice, the Chinese season in the field of professional tennis has been clearly visible. In this series of events, Chinese tennis tournament is fully deserve the dominate the field. The tournament was founded thirteen years, the level of continuous improvement, has become Asia’s highest level of comprehensive tennis tournament, is an important fulcrum in the global strategy of professional tennis in the world, leading the Chinese season. Because of this, the network performance more people look forward to. Look forward to the net following the upgrade to become WTA ATP500, women’s tournament crown after the event, in the new period, to further enhance the level of competition step, to achieve the Grand Slam men and women happy couple, approximation. In 2009 moved to Beijing Olympic Games tennis venue held, the hardware upgrade to a world class level. In 2011, with the opening and closing of the new central stadium diamond stadium is put into use, the net has the world’s top venue conditions. But with the net during the booming, this venue is usually a bit lonely. Look at the new period, in the events and venues to combination, the depth of development, in the brand, capital and the mobile Internet era with new thinking to seek new breakthroughs. After thirteen years of operation, in the event of culture, sponsors and fans are in service, erudite. Coupled with the unique advantages of the golden week across the national day, the ancient capital and the Olympic Games, the city’s profound heritage, Beijing has a strong media resources,相关的主题文章:

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