Li Guangyuan’s goal to enhance the strength and technical battles of Tokyo Olympic Games

Li Guangyuan’s goal: to enhance the strength and technical battles Tokyo Olympic Games in September 19th, after attending the Rio Olympics and the 2016 National Swimming Championships, Taizhou province swimmer Li Guangyuan to return to his hometown of Huangyan to visit his parents and Enlightenment coach Chen Jiande. Li Guangyuan is the first player to participate in the Olympic swimming competition in the city. In the Rio Olympic men’s 200 meter backstroke competition, Li Guangyuan, who was the first to participate in the Olympic Games, successfully reached the finals, with 1 points, 55 seconds, 89 results to refresh the personal best results, won sixth. After the end of the Rio Olympics, Li Guangyuan rushed to Anhui, Huangshan City province to participate in the 2016 National Swimming Championships, won the championship in the men’s 200 meter backstroke race. This time, Li Guangyuan only one day stay in his hometown, and then immediately returned to Beijing to return to normal training. Li Guangyuan said: "next, will train every morning for 3 hours, afternoon training 3 hours.". Hope that through training, increase in strength, and technical details, after 4 years of efforts in the battles of Tokyo Olympic games." Chen Jiande said, now Li Guangyuan 200 meter backstroke results and the world’s top level difference is less than 1 second, just a second, but to pay many years of hard training to achieve. Li Guangyuan said, the second half of the year to participate in the world cup short course swimming competition, some domestic and international swimming competitions and later, steady tour every game, accumulate experience through competition, to improve performance.


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