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Arts-and-Entertainment You must already be.e used to watching HDTV. But have you heard of Android Internet TV Set Top Box? It is what its name suggests an Android powered live TV box that can make your television viewing experience better than ever. By offering a bouquet of features such as live TV Channels from across the world, Recorded Programs from a number of English TV channels such as Discovery, Animal Planet and so on; Live Radio Channels from all over the world, Internet browsing, YouTube, Google Search, games, quizzes, puzzles, hundreds of animation shows (cartoons), English movies, TV apps like Netflix, IMDB Movies & TV, Flixter, Crackle etc. access to the Google Play Store, apps like Facebook, Twitter, PlayOn.TV etc. and access to media files in your USB flash drive, external hard disk, SD card etc. In short, it is a smart TV entertainment box that does it all. From watching streaming videos to enjoying media content from your external file storage devices. Now you can just .e home, switch on the TV and get all types of entertainment that you can ask for. Your TV has just be.e your PC in terms of entertainment. Turn on Hulu, dig into a tub of popcorn while you watch a movie on Netflix or log on to YouTube to check out the latest live performance of your favorite music star. Both for geeks and non-geeks alike, a live TV box provides a whole world of entertainment. Any TV can be converted to a Smart TV when this box is connected to the Internet. These set top boxes .e with specially created applications. You can connect an Android Internet TV Set Top Box to your TV through AV cable or HDMI. These devices are Wi-Fi enabled which means you can connect them to the Internet by Wi-Fi or even Ethernet or LAN. Theres more. You can enjoy social networking and even image and video sharing with the help of such a smart TV entertainment box. With the good-old TV and remote system, you can experience almost everything in high definition. It is definitely a good time to say goodbye to cable. There are also educational apps for your children such as brain games. No more wasting time with useless ads, now watch something you will truly enjoy. Visit web libraries where you can watch on-demand videos. Play some interesting games if you are bored. A live TV box contains around 10-20 games that are interactive and engaging. Besides, when theres access to the Google Play store, who knows you can download more games if you like? All kinds of web content and all kinds of stored content that you already own can now be enjoyed with your whole family. No one has to struggle to stand in front of your PC anymore. You and all your near ones can sit back .fortably on the sofa with their favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies. With the option of recording, no one has to feel left out because they can always watch the parts they missed. Thats the magic of a live TV box. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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