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Travel-and-Leisure Milan, the city in north Italy, suffered extreme bombing at one time and the larger portion was destroyed. But the city regained, when it was rebuilt as a stylish and came out as metropolis. Regardless of the bombing that trampled the city, it still boasts of its stunning architectural treasures. Many of the attractions and statues built in Gothic style presents a beautiful view. Some of such attractions are Duomo Cathedral, Santa Maria delle Grazia Church, area around Porta Ticinese etc browse through the map of Milan to learn more about its wonders. The city of Milan is founded around a historic nucleus radiating from the cathedral, with its axis radiating and spreading through modern suburbs to the ring road. Its modern civic centre is dominated by skyscrapers. Many fashion and trade fairs take place in its Fiera district. Though Milan has been the capital of Italys financial market, powerhouse and automobile industry, but it has also been dominated by the fashion houses, which have drawn advertising agencies and media to the city. It has been the marketplace for Italian fashion-supermodels, fashion aficionados and international paparazzi. The city has carefully guarded its drama, flair and creativity. Milan map throws light on its tourists attractions and other place of interest, some of which are as follows:- Duomo Cathedral- it is the worlds largest Gothic cathedral, presiding over the Piazza. It is best enjoyed in sunshine, when the interior is illuminated by colorful mosaic of its stained glass windows. It displays the treasures from the cathedral and displays the collection of Italian futurist art. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele- it is a four storey, glass domed arcade in front of cathedral. Though it was treated as a link to the opera house but now has become a fashionable place to hang out and enjoy visiting coffee shops and all. Theatre Museum at La Scala- it is the world famous opera house resting on the site of Santa Maria alla Scala church. It provides a wealth of mementos from the opera house dedicated to composers and performers of the country. It includes Puccini, Rossini and Toscanini. There are halls containing memorabilia. Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology museum- within this gallery of museum, there is a collection of Leonardos ingenious design from war machines to architectural visions. It focuses in keeping the museums tribute to the history of science. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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