May exchange the debt into equity gender both offensive and defensive face gossip

May exchange the debt into equity ": gender both offensive and defensive Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: both sexes, both offensive and defensive may exchange the debt into private equity "in the asset shortage background, with the current regulation become stricter, new assets are constantly digging chase, some previously not familiar to the parties capital perspective, the release of a wave of investment dividends, but the exchange of debt is one of them. Both stocks and bonds, back into the attack and defend, may exchange the debt with its characteristics of flexibility, convenience and rapid conversion issued a private equity fund market. As of September 20th, this year there are 29 private bonds can be successfully issued bonds, and another 17 listed companies to disclose their important shareholders to start the private equity swap program. Look from the number, the total has reached 46 private exchangeable bonds issued far exceeds the number of the past three years the sum; and in terms of scale, the 46 private may exchange the debt total proceeds of about 59 billion 700 million yuan, is two times the sum of the previous three years. There are private and even admitted that the future may exchange the debt from the small state, is expected to become a similar set by the commonly used tools such "". What is exchangeable debt? With professional view, may exchange the debt stands for "stock exchange bonds", refers to the shareholders of listed companies to issue, within a certain period of time according to the agreed conditions can be exchanged into the listed company held by the shareholders of the company bonds. Exchangeable bonds can be seen as a kind of embedded options of financial derivatives, similar to convertible bonds and equity pledge. May exchange the debt as option bonds, its biggest characteristic is both stocks and bonds, with fixed interest at the same time enjoy the stock market gains, into the attack, retreat. "The risk of debt" to avoid falling stock prices, and "shares" can enjoy the stock returns, belong to both income security and flexibility of the absolute return varieties, in the background of the current stock market and bond market are lack of opportunities under the trend is a good choice. This year, may exchange the debt market blowout situation, in the opinion of some private, set by the traditional market is a "Red Sea", the new private may exchange the debt market is becoming a new mechanism of Denver’s position. In September 26th, unionsun assets Xu Hua guest private line network online roadshow, roadshow, Xu total of exchangeable bonds also expressed some views. Xu believes that the reason may exchange the debt market blowout situation, can the reason from two aspects: 1, the issuer and investors from the issuer’s point of view, the issue of exchangeable bonds can achieve multiple objective: general shareholders of exchangeable bonds issued in order to achieve the purpose of financing or reduction some people take issue, may exchange the debt as a supporting tool will increase investment, market arbitrage. 2, from the investor’s point of view, the exchange of exchangeable bonds can meet the relative safety of the principal and get a higher income imagination. Exchangeable bonds can be viewed as a combination of bonds + options, both debt and equity, from the debt theory相关的主题文章:

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