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Micro class, National Day, since Smart Mom how to use the holiday to let the children found that maternal and child – Sohu since the establishment of WeChat group, has been fighting for the group to figure bean sprouts welfare, in addition to a number of activities such as red group task, anchor interaction, topic discussion, exciting and practical figure bean micro class! On Monday two large coffee classes, a wonderful course constantly updated…… time: on the night of September 22nd location: WeChat 8:00-9:00 5 & group will treasure parents parents; 6 groups of micro class theme: National Day, smart mom how to use the holiday to let the children find the world? – easy to learn Dewey "doing" life education on the content: first, why children love experiential doing? Two, in the 1 holiday life education using the natural environmental education 2 by three, to visit the sanctuary map no educational material mothers holiday recommendation: four, parents and guests interactive Q & A: teacher Annie: Department of beans director, East China Normal University preschool education undergraduate, postgraduate education management of Northwest Normal University. With rich teaching experience and education in the kindergarten. The research of 0-6 years old preschool education, domestic stem+, high, scope, Montessori Reggio educational philosophy advocates and practitioners. Shanghai education and teaching research topic writer. Registration: 1 add a small hippo WeChat (micro signal: xiaohematudou). The reason for the application of micro lesson figure beans will soon pull you to the WeChat group Oh ~ 2 small hippo to send you a small task, after the completion of the task, patience, we invite you to join the group. (* * * has joined the parents treasure group of users do not have to sign up, in the original micro class group can lecture The main application: if you think that the WeChat group free broadcast this period of micro lesson, please add micro signal Hippo figure bean (micro signal xiaohematudou) and indicate the name + number + group each group number, for example: Andy Lau +3+ (300421498) group registration deadline: September 22nd 18:00 book: 1 lectures in micro class the interactive link positive interaction with teachers of bean sprouts, can get a gift Oh ~2. there are more mysterious task, plus the hippo bean that WeChat map task details, also can get a gift! Warm reminder: 1 of the micro lesson to take the voice of the group + graphic sharing, as well as interactive forms, so that guests and the audience close contact. 2 all the audience by [figure] unified Hippo bean pulling nuanced letter group, before the broadcast began in the group banned, banned all small ads, malicious shuabing. 3 this poster will be shared to the circle of friends praise, during the course of micro will send good yo!相关的主题文章:

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