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Minsheng Securities: six questions about the effectiveness of the new SDR and the RMB exchange rate outlook Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! [overseas] exchange rate on livelihood series three: six to ask the new RMB exchange rate outlook and the entry into force of the SDR source: Qingyou   the Minsheng Securities Institute and overseas project group leader Zhang Yu abstract what is SDR? The RMB "into the basket" will come into effect the SDR (Special Drawing, Right, SDR) is a kind of complementary international reserve assets IMF founded in 1969, is a free convertible currency rights and unit of account. SDR is not a currency, nor is it a claim to the fund, but a potential claim for a freely available currency of the IMF member states. IMF board of directors to conduct a review of the SDR currency basket every 5 years. Beijing time on December 1, 2015 morning, IMF announced the RMB into the SDR currency basket, in order to give the market enough to adjust the digestion time, effective from October 1, 2016. The new basket of currencies and weights for the upcoming SDR will be USD (41.73%), euro ($30.93%), RMB (10.92%), yen ($8.33%) and Sterling (8.09%). * what details does the new SDR basket come into effect? First of all, the SDR value calculation includes the RMB currency weight and exchange rate. Daily changes in the RMB exchange rate as part of the impact of SDR value. Secondly, the RMB assets officially listed in the IMF international reserve database. Again, in the use of SDR scene, the official appearance of the rmb. * What are the efforts of the central bank to join the SDR? First, the RMB exchange rate pricing more market-oriented, offshore RMB and has gradually move closer to the shore; second, the Ministry of Finance issued by the week rolling 3 months discount bonds, while the central bank released the fluctuation of RMB benchmark deposit rate ceiling; third, Chinese government to open the domestic inter-bank bond market and foreign exchange market, foreign central bank fourth, the RMB clearing system; global central bank’s own development (CIPS) has been in operation; fifth, the central bank and a number of national governments signed a bilateral currency swap agreement and increase the swap scale, with a number of foreign central bank also signed the memorandum of cooperation to establish RMB clearing arrangements; sixth, the central bank issued RMB bank notes in the foreign market and gradually expand the RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) pilot area. * the new SDR will come into effect in the three "no", what is the real international currency? One is not immediately increase the RMB as the settlement currency demand; two is not immediately increase the RMB as a reserve currency demand; three is does not mean that the internationalization of the RMB spot will stride leap. Currency internationalization is divided into three levels: recognition (recognized), need (need) and gain (available). At present, the theory of the renminbi相关的主题文章:

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