Mortgage interest rates all the way down Chongqing ranked third in the country exit safe mode

Mortgage interest rates all the way down Chongqing ranked third in Chongqing evening news in the country introduced a number of cities in the context of the property market regulation initiatives, mortgage policy remains stable. Yesterday, from the mobile financial intelligence platform 360 financial data show that in October the country’s first suite average interest rate of 4.44%, unchanged from last month, down from last year’s October of 0.45%. Chongqing first suite rate of 4.20%, continue to remain low, ranking the country’s low third. The report shows that in October two suites average interest rate of 5.39%, unchanged from last month. Clear implementation of two suites down payment of 4 and below the Bank of the last month, a decrease of $47, the implementation of the two suites down payment into the Bank of the 166, a decrease of 122 last month, a total of 3. From a second tier cities in the country’s first suite of average interest rates, the first tier cities still have the advantage of preferential. Second tier cities, Tianjin, Qingdao, Chongqing, Chengdu, a large margin of preference. October, 16 banks in Chongqing, the average interest rate discount of 14.3% off, the average interest rate of 4.20%. The first home loan interest rates, CITIC Bank, Chinese bank, postal savings bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Chongqing rural commercial preferential interest rate adjustment from the previous 10 percent off to 15% off this month. First suite down payment ratio of 2 into the mainstream. Two suite policy, the 16 bank lending rates are floating benchmark interest rate of 10%. The proportion of down payment, in addition to HSBC is still 4 into the implementation, the other banks are performing a down payment of 3. 360 national mortgage lending is expected to thaw, basically reach the limit, in the state of shock bottom. For the owner of the home buyers, from the cost of the mortgage, the current market timing is appropriate. Chongqing evening news reporter Chen Fuyong相关的主题文章:

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