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Net letter Financial completed C round of financing of $70 million – Chinese actively preparing for listing of Sohu financial management financial network September 20th news (reporter Bi Xiaojuan) today, network group announced that its net financial letter in August has completed C round of financing, investors including CCB international capital, Sanshan lead investor, capital letters and several organizations. Network CEO Sheng Jia group of network finance Chinese remember exclusive responded that each plate network group under all different rounds of financing, the listing plan must have, in the future will be announced the listing plan and location. Network letter group revealed that the net letter of financial investment favored by a number of investment institutions, completed three rounds of financing. October 2014 to complete the a round of $10 million level of financing, in July 2015 to complete the B round of $41 million financing, in August this year, completed the C round of $70 million financing. It is understood that after the completion of the net letter of credit C round of financing, the Internet has 12 financial industry platform to obtain C round of financing. Prior to the 11 platform is Pat loans, financial fan, point of financial network, the letter and the rich, micro credit network, barley finance, the times, titanium group (building blocks box), favorable network, micro credit network, silver off group. At the same time, the group released 4 letter network development strategy, build a technology driven financial ecological system, investment and financing business in the original net loan basis, upgraded to contain a payment, funds, securities, insurance, fund sales, Internet sales of small loans, financial assets trading center multiple license support integrated the financial asset trading platform, the original net letter Financial upgrade to Internet information open platform and trading center. Sheng told China Network Financial reporter, said the ecosystem is divided into asset management, trading platform and wealth management three subsystems. The asset management system is intended to provide a variety of high-quality assets, including assets, funds, securities and other financial licensed business; trading platform refers to its net letter financial institutions such as financial workshops; wealth management is to provide wealth management services to the customers through the Internet, small loan insurance etc.. Payment and data is the engine driving the flow of the three subsystems. It is understood that the current group of transactions has reached 160 billion yuan, is the executive director of the China Internet Finance Association units.相关的主题文章:

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