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The United States OPIc language exam in Heilongjiang – Beijing, China News Agency, Harbin, August 29 (reporter Wei Lai) Heilongjiang province OPIc test center in 29, held a press conference in Harbin, marking the province became the first foreign language exam in OPIc test of China. At present, the test results are highly recognized by many academic institutions, government organizations, enterprises and well-known universities in the world, which will help Heilongjiang to cultivate international talents and enhance the level of opening up to the outside world. OPIc (OralProficiencyInterview-computer, namely "fluent oral exam of computer") is the United States Commission on foreign language teaching (ACTFL) sponsored by the English speaking test, different from other foreign language exam in Chinese, will pay more attention to the study of foreign language learners live ability effectively and appropriate use of language communicative situations in real life, covering a variety of English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Korean language. The OPIc exam for the first time in Heilongjiang, is a good local cultural background and language atmosphere based on foreign language teaching by the Commission and the Confucius Institute Headquarters hankao international cooperation to promote the. Heilongjiang province OPIc foreign language exam will be 2 times a month, will carry out in-depth cooperation in basic education, international cultural exchange, labor export, employment skills and other fields in the future, and will be in September in Heilongjiang Province universities are public lecture. Heilongjiang province OPIc language test center, Heilongjiang Ji song education Sui group responsible person said: "the international talents of OPIc language exam can serve Heilongjiang province culture, enhance the local students oral English ability and language variety. With the increase in the number of qualified OPIc examination, the foreign language level in Heilongjiang province will be improved, thus promoting the development of the province’s import and export trade, the promotion of opening up. On the other hand, the OPIc examination certificate of Chinese talent, can promote the spread of Chinese culture in the world." At present, OPIc exam every year in the global number of candidates more than 500 thousand people, has been NASA, eBay, Hitachi, Samsung and other parts of the world more than 3 thousand companies approved, these enterprises in the China branch corresponding to the examination as one of the staff evaluation language standard. Through the examination and obtain the certificate, credit can be relief in the application of the nation’s school, the examination certificate has become America teachers, nurses, lawyers, civil servants, aerospace and other six major occupation entry "astepping-stone to success". (end)相关的主题文章:

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