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Travel-and-Leisure My father surprised us by gifting us tickets to our trip to Sri Lanka planned by the Royale Premium Club to which me and my sister was were surprised to hear the name about Sri Lanka trip but my father was very confident about the trip beforehand only as the trip was planned by the Royale Premium Club with exiting offers. Earlier it was surprising for us but once we read the detailed planning of the club about the trip, then we were very exited too. We were to board our plane from the Delhi airport and the taxi from Chandigarh to Delhi was also arranged by the club. My father liked this thing a lot about the club that when a trip is organised by the club they take all the responsibility of every minor thing and the members are out there without any tension, just to enjoy every moment. I was less awarded about Sri Lanka which raised my excitement level as well and it was raised at higher level again when we reached Sri Lanka airport at night. We were wel.ed by the club officially very warmly and when we were taken to our hotel, we checked the streets around and felt so good to be in Sri Lanka and thanked our dad for this. Our hotel which was in association to the Royale premium Club was in Kandy which is a really beautiful place to be. We went to the famous tea factory there and enjoyed seeing the manufacturing of the tea. Our trip to the grand waterfalls there was really soothing too. The starting of the trip was great which raised our expectations and our trust towards the Club too. The next day we went to Colombo and the hotel there was so good that I felt like spending mu h time in hotel itself. We enjoyed beautiful waterfalls there and different water sports too. We went to St. Clairs Devons waterfall and enjoyed white water rifting at Kitulgala. We also visited a Buddhist temple and I was amazed by seeing the architecture of the temple and the way it was preserved. We were given free passes of a cultural show .anised by the Royale Premium Club where we got an introduction to the culture of Sri Lanka. We were served Sri Lankan food there at hotels which was really appreciable as the club does a lot to please their members. We did a lot of shopping at various famous malls such as Odell and Arena. In Colombo we also went o a Hindu temple, Pettah, Galle face garden and the amazing independence square. It was great to roam around the streets of Sri Lanka and enjoy the street food there and enjoy the night life there. I really liked the people there as well as they were really nice. On the last day we were presented with gift hampers from the club which was really touching. Such surprising elements made our trip really exiting and all such things cannot be expected as well and all the credit for it goes to the Royale Premium Club. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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