Personal Injury And Car Accident

Legal Ellen & Jory Sigesmund Car Accident "I wanted to let others know how extraordinary our experience has been with your firm, when following two traumatic car accidents we both sought your legal services. In the first catastrophic highway traffic collision in which my husband was the driver, your firm went well beyond the normal call of duty, delivering not just the necessary legal support that arises in such matters, always done in a professional efficient manner, but carried out with the utmost respect to our very young and thus fragile family, which, as anyone can imagine was caught in a whirlwind of shock, chaos, disbelief, and inability to function at full capacity. Then, two years later, I had the misfortunate of being the driver of my two young children in another serious accident in which David Share Associates was again there with his legal "rescue" team and luckily so, as the impact of this second substantially less severe accident than the one mentioned above, had significantly greater destructive effects on our family and lifestyle, than the more serious accident, although logic would lead one to think the contrary. David Share did not advise me one way or the other whether to seek or forego counsel following my accident. It was his firm’s honesty and laying the hard facts right out on the table, but most of all their lack of self-interest and not practicing law like it is 100% business but the service profession it was designed to be. This is what separates David Share Associates from the other firms I have spoken to and heard about. They care about people, people who have relatives, jobs, bills to pay, states of health…. Anyone can collect cheques. Dealing with people in need involves creativity, sensitivity and flexibility, and David Share Associates are therefore in a class with only a handful of other firms in terms of the highest standards in the legal profession." Ms. Liza Jack Car Accident "The first meeting was friendly, relaxed and informative. A realistic opinion was given and therefore expectations were not outrageous. All my questions and phone calls were answered promptly and explained fully. The settlement was very close to the amounts discussed in the initial meeting. I was extremely pleased with the out.e of my lawsuit. I had previously gone to a local lawyer and was told I had no case. David Share took on my case without giving me additional stress. I am very grateful for the settlement achieved." Mr. Jasbir Virdi Car Accident "My experience was very smooth and effective, you responded each time I approached for assistance in concern to my claim. I’m happy with the claim amount and the results." Ms. Kyla Barnes Car Accident "As a young person I found my experience to be great. They took very good care of me. I found the staff to be very helpful and I was very satisfied with the work. Thank you so much for all the help." S.R. Car Accident "When it came to settlement details, David Share took the time to explain procedures and managed our expectations. At the conclusion we were pleased with the results." Mr. Ponnudurai Kanapathy Car Accident "I found David Share Associates were very honest and helpful in handling my case. They tried their best to bring a fair conclusion to my case at the earliest even though the insurance .pany dragged on for a long time. The staff were helpful and very prompt in their response to my questions, verifications and claims." Ms. Sofia Gojamanis Car Accident "If I .pare the experiences from my husbands law firm many years ago David Share Associates is the best that I have ever seen and thanks so much for the excellent job. Keep on doing the best job for people like me and thank you so much." Mr. Phillip Shenouda Car Accident "David Share is a very understanding person and always gave me a clear view of my case and the results were very effective. The staff were all great, professional people with every question every thought, they handle with confidentiality. Never I requested answer and not get it. Excellent service. I would not hesitate to deal again with Mr. Share and also I will be happy to re.mend him to any of my friends and family." Delores McMullin Car Accident "Easy to talk to Mr. Share. I was confident that he would do a good job for me and everything was explained clearly in the first meeting. The service and staff are all excellent. A big Thank You for putting Steven Muller with me. He explained everything very clearly and was very respectful and helpful. A big Thank You to all." Catherine Corbett Car Accident "Immediate involvement after contact; always professional, polite, helpful service. If an answer was not immediately available, one was found in a short period of time and given to me. Not to have to ‘pay as you go’ and only at the end of the action was very helpful. I would re.mend this .pany." Mr. Gerard Dunphy Car Accident "The service is very pleasant and helpful and is as good as it gets. I visited two different law firms about this case and they both concluded at the outset that I did not have a case. One was in Toronto and one was in Brampton. I knew they were incorrect so I contacted David Share and they were right I did not have one case I have two. I have re.meded several other friends to David Share Associates and I will continue to do so." Junie Loo Serious Car Accident "Very professional; used straight forward language without any legal jargon. I was kept informed of progress throughout the entire process. Regular updates on my condition in relation to my case. Mr. Share and his associates have been very empathetic and extremely careful in considering my feelings in dealing with sensitive issues. The staff was very helpful and courteous and I received excellent service. I will gladly refer any friends/family who are in need of legal representation." Ardella Ricker & Debbie Crites Car Accident "The day after speaking to David Share he came to the hospital to see my Grandmother. Hearing her story he agreed to take the case and told us not to worry about anything. Everytime I phoned the office my calls were promptly returned. We were very happy with the service. We were very happy with the end results, and how quickly the case was resolved. We will re.mend David Share to anyone we know who needs representation. " About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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